Diary of a Rock Balancer

Diary of a Rock Balancer


In General,

Every creation has its own dedicated post, timestamped, and sequenced in chronological order, beginning here with the most recent. If you want to view them by year and season, oldest to newest, please visit “My Work” in the main menu above.

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A few notable categories to explore in the drop-down menu:

Magic Hour — Creations that include photos at sunrise and/or sunset.
Writing — Posts that include my own writing/reflections
Workshop — Subcategory of “Writing”. Technical aspects. Learning experiences.

At some point you might stumble upon an entire archive of unorganized, unlinked posts from 2012 and 13. Tons of unlabelled writing in the abyss of older work.

Last but not least —
PLEASE share using the options below each page or post if you feel inclined to do so. :)

Currently updating 2016 work. Winter is complete. Spring almost complete. Summer next.

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