Diary of a Rock Balancer :: 

Stone Balance Art created and photographed by Michael Grab — 03 May 2016 — Istria, Croatia ::

I decided to make a small wishing well for observant passers by. . . it is in a fairly remote spot in the city of Pula, Croatia… and can only be seen within a certain range of angles underneath a reflected sky.

Also notably relaxing and therapeutic to arrange the colors. most time was consumed collecting the various colors on a nearby beach… pebbles that go mostly overlooked.. but it was worth every second. I fell in love before even reaching the blue outer ring. . . I hope someone sees it with a sense of enchantment. more on this later… have to wait at least 24 hours for the dust in the water to settle completely… might go back and fine tune the color gradation…

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  1. Beautiful…I’m a little disturbed however by some comments saying leave it alone…thank you Gravity Glue for creating such beauty in tune with nature…you clearly have a great love and respect and are not causing harm…baffles the brain when people say that YOU are disturbing nature…look around at what is happening in the world people…those that are truly messing with Mother Earth…continue to create GG, it’s beautiful.

  2. the fact that there are actually people criticising you for this, is for me, the ultimate proof that no matter how much you give, how much good you do, how much you love the planet, care for people and create beauty and joy, there’s always some asshole that is just hangin to shit all over it … I think it’s perhaps an expression of the universal principle of polarity

    anyway, great work bro! I LOVE IT! <3

  3. This is true art…it opens my mind. Very beautiful. Sometimes Braco does outdoor live stream gazings in his home country of Croatia. The scenery is stunning.

  4. The perspective of the grander size measured by your camera’s eye, pulled a nice one on our perspective once your magical hand adjusted the perspective.

    Gotta “hand” it to you… *clap clap* ;)

  5. u are just amazing… i love your work. The pictures are amazing, the balance, the love you put into it, and even your writing is inspiring. I love all rocks, simple lake rocks, amazing precious stones.. so… yeah. Your art inspire me everyday.Thank you for existing! <3

  6. Why are people whinging? The artist has just put pebbles in a rock pool. Get over yourself, and see the beauty using NATURE as it is. Its not as if he’s smashed a hole in the ground.

    1. Even if he was to smash a hole in the ground….’Oh no geologic change….THE SKY IS FALLING’ All third graders know about the cycle of rocks, how theyre violently destroyed in the earth and raise back up. I really dont think even smashing a hole would seriously damage anything…..Its awesome and creative. People just love to critique over silly stuff.

  7. Gravity Glue…your work is amazing and inspring. Remember that the majority of the people you share your work with see how you transform the beauty of nature that already exists into something fairly miraculous. Hold firm in your motivation for creating your ‘works’ without apology or explanation for some will never understand. Namaste.

  8. Gravity is gravipush. What is gravipush? (Gauv Grauv’s top science theory)
    In the multiverse big bang, bang everywhere when it is ready. It doesn’t matter big bang or small bang or tiny bang or hand clap bang, all the bang are energy that have release into the universe everywhere in space and bothers to all objects even atom or particle that I call: “stress pressure of the universe”. Those stress pressure travel straight line in space to all direction in speed of light without block each other and push to all objects form together even atom call “gravipush” (old word call gravity). All objects in space have blocked each other stress pressure of the universe made the stress pressure unbalance so those objects will run toward low pressure to each other by gravipush. Bigger object has bigger mass, bigger mass has more gravinet, more gravinet can block more stress pressure and get more gravipush.
    So I announce publicly: From now on no more gravity but gravipush to all scientists all over around the world. Thank you
    Written December 23, 2015

  9. Happened across this in Maine along with many other stacks. It was like a sweet embrace from an unknown person. I say thank you to whomever made this. When you stack, you leave a piece of considered beauty for someone to happen upon. I would love to happen upon your wishing well!

  10. Hard to tell the dimensions of this. When I first saw it I thought boulders. Then I read that you mentioned pebbles.
    It’s very cool. Very Andy Goldsworthy!

  11. How creative! I love that you allow yourself to be open to a full range of unexpected creations! …and, I would love to come across something like this while out and about enjoying nature!

    1. Look into disturbance regime theory ( http://www.eoearth.org/view/article/154793/)

      All ecosystems have disturbances which the life forms have evolved around, and a moderate level of disturbance actually promotes more biodiversity.

      In fact, the first study published on this topic was studying disturbance in tide pools, and found that pools with moderate disturbance (rocks being overturned during high tide) were more healthy of an ecosystem (based on biodiversity, abundance, and resilience).

      Think of a forest fire- yes many things die during the fire, bit the next season new openings in the canopy provide for more sunlight hitting Forest floor which provides habitat for shade-intolerant species and those which depend on them.

      People are natural. We can have a positive impact on ecosystem health if we weren’t so shortsighted.

    1. <3 ! it did turn out unexpectedly pretty! :) the range of colors in the pebbles is just divine! i also love how it disappears from view when one steps away

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