Diary of a Rock Balancer :: 

Stone Balance Art created and photographed by Michael Grab — 10/11 April 2016 — Colorado, USA ::

Day One

Pushing a recent invention further. . ! I guess this would be a hybrid with legs . .?

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Day Two – 11 Apr 2016 (tomorrow)

ALSO ~ see it in the snow + video

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280 Responses
  1. This was a gentle reminder that I’m due to head to the river soon to do some stacking. I miss the meditation of this task throughout the winter. This is such a magnificent hands on meditation. A spiritual and physical balancing and perspective enhancing activity. To people who haven’t tried it it is like trying to explain a color to someone who can not see.”..

  2. Two questions – I don’t understand your caption “25 hours after zero. . . .” is that the more-poetic-than-I-can-process way of saying it took 25 hours to build – You don’t usually speak Inscrutable… .. .. .. And there seems to be more to the not-so-random rock – Haven’t I seen it before? (Personally, unless there’s a deeper reason behind its presence, if it’s imported I think that detracts from the indigenous aura of the creation.)

    1. zero is the point at which i know it’s balanced and can let go. so this photo was taken 25 hours after that (next day). and this heart rock was chillin within 1 meter of this creation. first appearance! fits perfectly! :)

    2. Gravity Glue thanks for the speedy answer .. .. I wasn’t aware of how you used the word “zero” – that’s good to know. I am so glad that the heart rock was so close by, no authenticity damage done whatsoever :- ). .. .. Again, this creation is one of your best ever. And, as always, thanks for leavening the dross of daily political events with your photographs and thoughts about what is real.

  3. Laura esta haciendo unas diligencias no se ha podido comunicar con usted porque ya le desactivaron el internet en el celular. Cuando llegue le marca. Saludos.

  4. Ok people that go around a stack rock,
    Need to “get a life” there are more things in this world that need addressed then stacking rock. If this is your only talent in life. Then you need help. Get a job,volunteer you time to something, but if going around stacking rocks is all Ya got. You might wNt to set the bar a little higher.

    1. Ken you’re probably good at playing in traffic. You should go give that a shot. This guy has a talent. What do you have besides a pathetic attitude towards talent?

    2. I love this art. I think it requires tremendous skill and patience, and an appreciation for the ephemeral. On a practical level, I can see a market for the photographs made into posters. I’m glad he is so dedicated to this art form and I hope he will be inspired by nature his whole life.

    3. T Bone Johnson in my culture water is our first medicine, laughter is second.. If you don’t get this then YOU need to get a life!.. I feel sorry for you and your hatred.. I am bear clan and this has actually helped me with my PTSD from the military!.. I listen to his rivers flow and I try to balance these rocks to help find inner peace.. So bug off!!

    1. I apologize if it came across as so. I legit wondered why people spent their time stacking rocks. Maybe for patience building or balance or meditating lol

    2. Trust Me. I have Stacked Rocks too to a point which seems achieving impossible by other fellas but once I did tried I ended up beyond my self beliefs.
      The only difference is I am bit conscious about element of Irreversible Time, hence I dedicate only about quarter of a Hour if I achieve any its Worth, if Not I move on.
      This below piece was a mere 7 mins n razor sharp.. <3

    3. Kristine Lee there is no gain expected through practice.. similar to mediation, the process is the most important part, as with most or all artistic flow states… just give it a do, demystify it for yourself. it may seem like a waste of time, in fact it seems so for many humans, but it is one of the most therapeutic and highly transformative practices i know, along with countless practitioners around the world. not to mention the humbling beauty that often becomes obvious through working with the unpredictability of nature.

  5. Maybe this will work for you :) The quality is not very impressive (I enlarged it to FullHD from this small original) but I did some post-processing (denoising and removing JPEG artifacts) so still much better then automatic Windows resize ;) http://imgur.com/V5afd6s

    1. I was gonna repost that wobbly seeming balance yesterday, with something along the lines of “go home gravity, you’re drunk” . .
      Today i see you are love drunk.
      Everyday? Everyday. Random, not so random heart. <3