Diary of a Rock Balancer :: 

Stone Balance Art created and photographed by Michael Grab — 12 April 2016 — Colorado, USA ::

First visit back to boulder creek in months. Nostalgic feelings. A couple people stopped to say hi and even knew me by name, almost as if i’d never left!

This is one of my favorite spots on the creek. Bin building here for years. I still remember the trees like contours of my hands! Then I returned yesterday to see it blocked by debris buildup… old tree branches and garbage. Worst i’ve seen actually. Then it occurred to me that for the last 7-8 years i’ve been out here most days, each season, breaking up the blockages, and reinvigorating the flow of water wherever i chose to work/play. After an hour of force, i finally freed the space back to its usual flow. I even decreased some slight flooding on the banks! Now it feels alive again!

Now, considering all the dreamy places I’ve balanced rocks in the world, Boulder Creek still has that old magic about it that inspired this whole thing 8 years ago. Kinda felt like a sacred reunion of sorts. THESE are the rocks that trained me to handle most anything!

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Meditation. Balance. Art.
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It happens in kind of a “plop” way, like that! ~ Alan Watts


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  1. I had a favorite spot in Boulder Creek where I could sit and let the water roll over my shoulders—I only wish I could have been looking at a masterpiece like this at the same time–one of my favorites, especially with the balance of the rocks and the branch–

  2. What a life you live Michael. You are truly unbelievably inspirational! You’re descriptions coupled with such unique perfection in your composition and balance are continually becoming more dream like. NEVER STOP!

  3. They definitely know you by name. Nearly every time I’m out at one of the local rivers, they ask me if I know about Michael Grab from Gravity Glue. You are surely the #1 rock balancing rock star in the land.

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