Diary of a Rock Balancer :: 

Stone Balance Art created and photographed by Michael Grab — 01 May 2016 — Istria, Croatia ::

rain and wind all morning…

I nearly wrote the day’s creative potential off to some indoor film editing, but decided to go out anyway on my cute but exposed rental scooter… why? i dunno.. no need to stop now. funny how the magic happens when I abandon all expectations. .

i decided to use HDR for the peak image to properly expose the full dynamic range… end result: self explanatory .. .

in the words of Dali, “There are some days when I think I’m going to die from an overdose of satisfaction.”

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In The Studio


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  1. the color of the sky and clouds and the balance itself are just as inspiring as your words – keep on keeping on, you’re doing so much good (for you and for so many, me included!)

    1. It is possible we have a whole local festival dedicated to this art form where I live in Texas. The festival was in march and most of the rock stacks are still standing all along the river bed

  2. me imagino que tu vida debe de ser muy equilibrada y que tienes la capacidad de mantener ley y orden en tu arte natural me agrada mucho tus obras maestras , me dan paz y sé que solo con cerrar los ojos y recordar tus piedras me relajo Gracias

  3. “Art. Its definitions are legion, its meanings multitudinous, its importance often debated. But amid the many contradictory definitions of art, one has always stood the test of time, from the Upanishads in the East, to Michelangelo in the West: art is the perception and depiction of the sublime, the transcendent, the beautiful, the spiritual.”
    ~Ken Wilber ❤️

    1. there is a book by Peter Juhl called ‘Center of Gravity’ which is a good beginner’s guide to some of the nuances of stone balancing… eventually i’m gonna build my own guide, but Peter’s book is a good one to have if you’re interested in learning more about the artform.. ! you can buy it on amazon, or else a digital version can be purchased there too.

    2. Also another very interesting book I found that ( in my opinion) is like a philosophical backbone to this entire art form is a small brown book called ‘wabi sabi – for designers and architects’ or something to that effect. It will instantly resonate with every aspect of practice. At least it did for me. Or just research ‘wabi sabi’

    1. So true! I always watch every creation for a long time too. About the letting go part, there are a lot of gradients to that. Never go to far, some things really aren’t ment to let go, they make you who you are. Would be a shame to lose that. ;)

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