Balance Artist: Michael Grab

Alias: “Gravity Glue” 

My name is Michael Grab, and I began balancing rocks via “happy accident” in the Summer of 2008 while exploring Boulder Creek (Boulder, CO, USA). Since then, curious spark has spiraled into creative passion, way of life, and prolific international phenomenon/movement.

I quickly noticed the therapeutic/transformative effects that balancing and working with nature had on myself and others; in an artistic sense, but also nurturing something uniquely human, inspiring a sense of magic and peace, luring awareness out of the mind and into the moment — ultimately cultivating a meditative presence. 

What is "Gravity Glue"?

Gravity Glue” is the alias I created to describe and share my experience in the realm of Stone Balance Art/Yoga


Gravity is the only “Glue” that holds these structures in equilibrium.


Gravity Glue on the surface was initially created for sharing my balance art; However, through time and experience, the cultivated ethos of GG appears to demonstrate a process of learning to “flow” as an integral function of Nature. It is an archetype for creation, whose key to the universe is creative active meditation and alignment with nature, through which, one touches/experiences infinity on a regular basis.


A spontaneous collaboration with Naturewhich often spirals into moments of transcendental beauty.


~ Zen as Fuck ~


What is Rock Balancing?

The process boils down to contemplative vertical stone arrangement; involving patience, problem-solving, critical thinking, adaptation, slow-breathing, steady hands, and a host of other practiced skills… 

~ Worldwide Phenomenon ~

~ Contemplative Yoga Practice ~

~ Ephemeral Nature Art/Therapy ~

~ Psychological Alchemy ~

~ Magic ~

Physical Ingredients:

Rocks + Gravity


Metaphysical Ingredients:

Patience + Open/Empty Mind