Diary of a Rock Balancer :: 

Stone Balance Art created and photographed by Michael Grab — 04 May 2016 — Istria, Croatia ::

Once again, from deep inside the hills of Istria, Croatia… this was at an old abandoned mill, close to the smallest town in the world, called ‘Hum’. There seems an endless network of the narrowest one lane roads, connecting countless tiny villages throughout the countryside. many hilltops adorned with a single church tower of the same architecture, which dominates the surrounding landscape… really quite beautiful. .. very quiet, peaceful place. Mostly limestone around here. lotsa frogs in the nearby creek again. loving all the shades of green.

while driving to this place, we passed a hilltop overlooking a huge expanse of endless hills. and there was something special about a solitary dog just sitting there taking it all in.. a very old soul perhaps? contemplating life and love? meditating? who knows… either way he looked much wiser than I. it was an unexpectedly profound sight. if only humans could pause in such a way, sit still and just absorb the beauty around them in such a way. not a care in the world. . .


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Meditation. Balance. Art.

Session 07

“Old Mill”


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  1. Sevgili Michael yaptığın sanatı büyük bir beğeni ve ilgiyle izliyorum, bana benim ülkemin ünlü mimarlarından sinanın yapılarında yakaladığı müthiş dengeyi hatırlatıyorsun.Allah çok az insana doğanın bu müthiş dengesini yakalamayı nasip eder sen de bu şanslı kişilerden birisin ne mutlu sana… seni izlemeye devam edeceğim yüreğine ve sanatına sağlık…

  2. A friendly hello back to ya! I met a balancer in Lahaina and I was hoping he was you. His name was Crush, a cool local. He taught my 8 and 10 yr old boys about soft hands and patience.

  3. Once again I am amazed by your work! How long will this one last do you think? Hope the old soul dog you was talking about doesn’t see it and investigate. Wouldn’t want that to fall on him. You talk of beauty, to me the work you do is beauty. Thanks for sharing

  4. Hey man! I visited Hum and its surrounding several years ago. Did some meditation in all that “stillness”. Really beautiful and peacefull place. Are you intending to visit Split. If so, we could do some magic together :) …although I’m just beginner in balancing. And guess what… You’re the culprit for me starting the balancing. Few months ago I saw your “Gravity glue 2014” video and fell in love with it

  5. Think of it as beauty meets gentle art in a most natural and infinitely patient way. The result is ‘wonder’ and you are there, aren’t you? :) (Sylvia, Brad’s wife)

  6. Your work is breathtaking and you are a handsome fellow. As a mom and granny too, please keep eating well and resting too. From Ontario, Canada. :) (Sylvia, Brad’s wife; we share 1 FB pg)

  7. Sounds like an amazing place. Your beautiful creation shows your inspiration from all the beauty around you. Love reading your posts Michael…keep inspiring me!!

  8. Such a beautiful thought and something so incredible to see. At that very moment in time you were there to experience it. Enjoy your posts so much. Such a peaceful way to begin the day. Look forward to it every morning. Have a peaceful and exceptional day.

  9. Your comments about Hum took me on a search to learn more about Croatia–history, regions, economy, as well as listening to ojkanje folk-singing. What a delightful country–so happy you can share your gifts there!

  10. Sounds like a beautiful part of your journey. As Americans (with constant access to media), we tend to generalize a country according to what we hear in the news. Thank you for using your art and your words to show us beautiful parts of other countries and help us to open our minds and our hearts.

  11. You write, “If only humans could pause in such a way, sit still and just absorb the beauty around them in such a way. not a care in the world.” – You help us all come closer to that, enabling us to marvel at your amazing creations and absorb some of the serenity of the beautiful wildlands you create them in . . . Especially when you share a video with the natural sounds giving us an additional dimension of solace, almost as if we were there :- ). .. .. .. Thank you as always..

  12. Hi, I adore your work more and more, you have the same connection to the nature like I do. Very much like reading your comments, take care☺

    1. this one took nearly an hour (maybe a bit more?) after collecting some rock options… most difficult part was the small rock second from the top… so close to the limit, above a large cantilever.. under a relatively massive topper. had to problem solve a new technique to make that one happen. :)

    2. I’m imagining you must’ve had multiple attempts to get it done & how frustrating that must be getting so close to the finalé then knocking it down. :)
      nevertheless, the result is all worth it. truly amazing… thanks for sharing it with us by the way.

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