Diary of a Rock Balancer :: 

Stone Balance Art created and photographed by Michael Grab – 22 April 2016 — Colorado, USA ::

Insert 2 days of flow energy into a spot on a full moon and…

Negotiating so many interconnected edges under so much weight, and making this happen in semi-raging water was no simple task (especially with the smaller rocks!).

Curveball in this context was a significant rise in water level from the previous day of experimentation. I could now feel the water flowing inside the larger rocks. As if it wasn’t enough of a challenge already.

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 Anyway… one rock led to another and after a few variations, collapses, rocks lost & found, and persistent evolution, I decided to settle here… the asymmetry grew on me, and the light had me all quiet and happy

Meditation. Balance. Art.

Session 06

“Earth Day”

More Video

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  1. This is spooky, I was going to try this tomorrow at the river near me, and then this pops up on my News Feed. I’ve been playing with stones, water, and shutter speeds today too…not reached your standard yet. Long, long way to go.

  2. I am a novice artist inspired by your work. Tonight I will do my rock stacking at an Immersive Multimedia Masquerade event in Seattle. I don’t feel ready or nearly skilled enough yet. I’m scared. And I will do my best.

    I’ve learned that stacking rocks is about staying in there through the failures. It is about letting go, again and again. It is about knowing all the while that in the end, the forms will disorganize.

    Tonight, I will do these things in front of others. That is frighteningly vulnerable. As a deeply personal art form, it is fitting. It will be just me and my rocks, and my determination to “stand in the fire.”

    Thank you for this piece. It reminds me this is truly art in the construction as much as the final form. Be well.

    1. It’s actually quite meditative. I know when I make mine, I completely tune out the world around me, all I hear is the river, and generally all my attention is focused on that one task at hand.

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