Diary of a Rock Balancer ::

Stone Balance Art created and photographed by Michael Grab — 12 March 2016 — Texas, USA ::

Experiences at this spot:

-Sitting Meditation
-Extended blue heron eye contact / extended reflection
-Possibly tons (literally) of carp washed over the dam after extended rain. (Not to worry, they seemed fine)
-Flow states


All places I’ve worked with rocks have a perfectly unique charm. I’m surprised every time by some new signature of vegetation, wildlife, season, climate, time of day/month/year, layers in rocks. . . any aspect of an infinite array of variables! There is always something fascinating in the details.

Llano, Texas, USA

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    1. Yes I do, John. They live here in my area of Palm Springs. I have a favorite great blue who visits my backyard pond and helps himself to a few of my pet Koi occassionally.

  1. You’re going be a yogi before too long :-) (I actually don’t know what qualifications are, but you seem to have aced at least “Yogi 101” – and if I’ve offended someone who actually knows, please accept my sincere apologies.)

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