Diary of a Rock Balancer :: 

Stone Balance Art created and photographed by Michael Grab – 20 April 2016 — Colorado, USA ::

step 1: find some pretty rocks

step 2: build a simple stone bench to sit on for a really long time

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  1. Cairns are beautifully relaxing to create. Michael Smith LOVED making these with me on your lake in Rangeley. Really. Then I took a few from your lake to construct on Grampy’s Doris Levi stone in Rumford. Thanks for sharing.

  2. u have inspired me to this amazing balancing feeling… im a newbie but i love the feeling of peace while stacking… the energy that u feel … the pleasure and the oneness… this image was too funny as i had attempted to do a few nights ago and no matter what… it just refused to stand… acceptable as i was tired and with 4 kids wanting full attention i thought i would unwind and stack… 40 minutes later i’d given up and went to sleep.
    two days later.. was having a cool morning already.. thought to give it ago… omg… literally 2 minutes and that rock stood..! couldnt believe it… its so heavy and uneven… balanced it out with the small stone… however i dared to add another small flat stone hahahah … u can guess what happened… lol …

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