Diary of a Rock Balancer :: 

Stone Balance Art created and photographed by Michael Grab — 18 May 2016 — Istria, Croatia ::

These yellow flowers, known locally as “Brnistra” or Spanish broom flowers are native to the mediterranean region according to my research. They happen to be in bloom over these recent weeks since i arrived.

I think they have a lovely romance about them mixed with the general atmosphere of the place, and they’ve silently taunted me through my peripherals as i zoom past various fields on my scooter.. so it became a necessity of heart and mind to pay tribute through my creative flow. They only last for a few weeks and it seems now they are reaching the tail end of bloom.. My fleeting window of opportunity has been quite stressful, so now i can take a deep breath and relax. :)

The creation required a unique form to match the Brnistra’s tall aesthetic, and i must say, things flowered beautifully . . . I immediately fell in love with the resulting combination of style and form.

Relatives: One, and Two.

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  1. Gravity Glue luv your videos, they are beautiful, as is your work, meditative, inspiring, just awesome..keep balancing, in life and with the rocks of mother earth.

  2. Beautiful, as usual. I was wondering about the broom as well. We have Scotch broom here, extremely invasion, and we spend an enormous amount of volunteer man hours to get rid of it, almost impossible, it is everywhere. Tried tiering some rocks the other day, got three, but not truly standing on point, and too small. Ty for these, luv them

  3. most of the time (99%), recording video before zero is last priority… kinda kills the flow and spontaneity of things. but in rare cases it happens… there are already several videos ive posted on my vimeo and youtube channels over the years… check em ooot!

  4. This plant is the Mediterranean, in Italy has the Ginestra (Broom) name, has influenced many artists who paint and / or photograph at any time of day. You enjoyed, knowing your spirit, I find it absolutely normal! ;) In the south of Italy there are areas where it obtained a tissue, similar to how they do with hemp, what it once was not the one who smokes .. ;) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WTOTpkzYfO8

  5. looks like a painting because there is this balance among yellow flowers and ocher rocks and the purplish landscape (as complementary colors that they are). Perfect composition of rocks, landscape, plants and photo.

  6. Splendide, oui nous avons la chance de les avoir sur tout le bassin de la Méditerranée. Le nom est GENET A BALAIS ou CYTISUS SCOPARIUS. Ils sont trés parfumés aussi. Nos anciens faisaient , quand les fleurs n’étaient plus, des balais… Magnifique photo MERCI !

  7. This plant is quite prolific here in the NW even to the point of being a nuisance weed and is called Scotch Broom in these parts … and I do have to say your balance is OM-mazing … thanx ever so for BEING.

  8. J’ai croisé une Sabine à Carcassonne qui m’a impressionné par sa dextérité à “empiler” des galets et m’a fait découvrir cette discipline qui tien de la magie à mes yeux !!! I met Sabine in Carcassonne which impressed me by its dexterity “pile” pebbles and made me discover this discipline which yours of the magic for me !!!

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