Diary of a Rock Balancer :: 

Stone Balance Art created and photographed by Michael Grab — 09 May 2016 — Istria, Croatia ::

on Nature and Love . . .


Ever notice the way Nature always just happens without any effort whatsoever? . . . “Of itself so”


Everything from the way the sun sets, moon rises, tides shift, birth, death, when music dances YOU! .. down to the minute details of breath and beating hearts. It all just happens. without much real explanation as to how or why. There are never any decisions involved in the raw flow of it all. No trying. Just doing. As was a core lesson of master Yoda and the Jedi way of life.


Humans (all of us) are masters of complicating the hell out of things, things like decisions and love for example. Projecting so many uncertainties — imagining endless ‘what if’s’ and expectations — exerting so much effort. As opposed to tapping into a flow state of doing — simply allowing it to happen as it must.


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With all this stone balance practice, I’ve never had to try or really decide anything. It began spontaneously, in the usual ‘plop’ kind of way — completely unexpected. I didn’t even consider it “art” at first. But once the seed planted, it rooted organically, and eventually just took over a regular mundane job i had at the time. Took over my ‘party – all -night — sleep – all – day’ lifestyle at the time.  Destroyed a relatively victim mentality. No trying, no formulas, no fear of missing out — the revolution was inevitable, as seems the case with anyone who really taps into a passion or purpose in life. Like i go crazy without.


Anyone who knows me personally, has most likely had glimpses of my obsessive process. Like i go crazy without. As any passionate artist will most likely agree, “I can’t not do it” … It is simply the nature of my being. There is an unknown force that drives slightly beyond any rational control. Purely a verb without a noun. For example, one of the greatest pleasures of creating art is the egoless flow state achieved amidst the process. Long ago i gave up the inhibitions that ego placed on creation.. I don’t care who sees me, or how silly or strange i might seem to other unwitting bystanders. One must learn to engage the flow without thinking. without giving a shit about appearance, or seeming silly to others. All that nonsense will only hinder the infinite potential of the love-flow state. Sometimes you just hafta take the risk without knowing why, even if/when your heart, or pride is on the line. You just gotta allow the ‘plop’ to plop, without asking first.


Same is true with the feeling of love. It happens in the same kind of ‘plop’ way, now, and only now. No one can really control what, when, or who they love, No one can decide to love or not, it just happens, and if it’s meant to happen, it WILL, without explanation, and no force on earth will stop it, just like no one can stop death, or stop the sun from rising. I guess where it gets messy is when we differentiate ourselves and let egos take over the situation. fear too. and worry. and whatever else we’d like imagine, in order to avoid our integral verbage in the grand love-flow state of nature.

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  1. Hey I watched one your videos and said this to me friend – it was pretty profound for me so thought I’d share

    He is a super hero , he defies the law of physics , but because the physics exists to sustain his creation , he defies no laws – he and it simply are .

  2. Thank you SO much – not only for your art but for your thoughts. This one hit home in a hard and truth-filled way that I need to own. So thank you for all you do/share/create. it impacts me every time I see your work.

  3. Now that I continue the meditation that Michael’s thoughts have inspired in me today, I see the Great Interrupter, ego, as even strong in memories still disguised as disappointments from which we haven’t yet discovered the seeds of growth and gratitude.
    Regrets and even unfulfilled wishes are best left behind except as guideposts to our just being grateful for all we have in the present and that our vision towards the future has become clearer. Everything happens in the right time, rejoice :- )

  4. Word .
    To be in nature, playing with rocks, zooming in on a bug, investigating a flower. Suddenly i am so aware of the breezes, the sound of birds, of water, the feel of earth, the easy connection of myself(nature) with all nature. Ah. The one with everything ahh. <3

    To inspire people like you do with this awareness, (whether they are aware of it or not)in connection via these pics, your words, or to take it a step further to sit enveloped in nature with some rocks, (the o.g. ambassadors of earth/nature/endurance) is nothing short of a healing for the planet. :)

    Of you, proud Yoda must be.

    P.s. Also sending in this message a plop of my love. ♡

  5. Reminds me very much of another quote regarding flow state: “When I run after what I think I want, my days are a furnace of stress and anxiety; if I sit in my own place of patience, what I need flows to me, and without pain. From this I understand that what I want also wants me, is looking for me and attracting me. There is a great secret here for anyone who can grasp it.” – Rumi

    1. Nothing in the universe is where it was a second ago. Therefore, if you have arrived at a destination, it has moved toward you as much as you have moved toward it.

  6. You write of love lately like it’s taken you by surprise… If so, where in this vast world did it find you, at home or far, far away? ☺️ Never fear love.

  7. Man, I cannot get enough it seems of reading your thoughts put out here. Write a book; captured with your pictures. It was once said to me, “What God has made simple, mankind makes difficult.” Sigh….so true. I read once “take everything you know and throw it away and seek the inner peace.”

    1. Regrets and even unfulfilled wishes are best left behind except as guideposts to our just being grateful for all we have in the present and that our vision towards the future has become clearer. Everything happens in the right time, rejoice :- )

  8. Please tell me you are selling a daily calender. With every day a picture of your “glue” creations. Accompanied by the meditave texts you write on FB. So; where can I order?

  9. My sister was arranging some rocks in her backyard. She texted me: “You don’t realize how many sides rocks have until you start stacking them.” Sounds like life to me.

  10. your words are like echos of things I’ve felt and learned over the decades – and this picture, the yellow in it, that’s where I’m at today. Sometimes I feel more precariously balanced or firmly holding up a balance like a bottom rock, today, though, I’m just yellow and shining for the day. Just gonna shine.

  11. I only hope one day to meet you and understand your immense amount of skill.. I look up to you as a fellow “rock balancer” I hope one day to reach your amount of skill

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