Psy-Fi Festival 2015
North Holland

Day 2

Yesterday was getting used to the conditions, nuances, some of the local character. . .

in general, this place has more wind and less rocks than usual. Leading me to a fairly more stable and efficient style of building, albeit still inherently risky working with bigger rocks up high…. basically larger towers with big rocks on top… what i consider an “OG” style of building. best for public demonstration in large spaces. . . This seemed to be the dominant style of many people i drew inspiration from along the way. When I first began building, my style was an array of simple free flow towers… similar to these in height.. . but with these, the top rock is generally chosen and rocks collected before beginning to build. So much of this depends on careful foresight while building — Being able to mimic the total weight proportionally with my bracing hand, while moving upward. rock by rock. left and right hand. place — hold — repeat. (if that makes sense?).. .

this photo was snatched out of a timelapse. great experience all around! … and for some reason, whenever i see humans snapping photos of balanced rocks on their cell phones… i always find the transaction quite profound..

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    1. nope. and they are rocks. they were here millions, if not billions of years before you and i. and gravity is a resilient adversary for all things precariously balanced.

    2. Poor Cassandra. If this art is quite updating, you must always be on the verge of a heart attack. Let it be. Focus on the beauty, not the before and after.

  1. Last night, after two days of setting up systems and gadgets, with a high tech Christmas overload, I decided to share something special with my granddaughters. I went to the Gravity Glue website, a respite space for me. They loved it, especially the seven year old. She initially asked where she could get some gravity glue and was just blown away when she actually understood the amazing thing she was seeing. She eventually described it as exciting and peaceful at the same time. I told her she had nailed it. Thank you for this great place to share.

    1. the only problem is i’m obsessed with new creation. i barely have the time to edit this short one.. but i guess that’s also due to the ‘yearbook’ nature of this shorter project.

    2. i build, shoot, edit, and compile everything myself for free and most collaborators i doubt will have that level of dedication and passion for such a project.

    3. Reach out. Your work is compelling and inspiring. While it may take a while to find the right collaborator, I believe that there are filmmakers out there who would love the chance to work with you. Figuring out affording projects is another matter, of course, but you never know – if there’s a filmmaker or editor out there, a producer is quite possible, too.

      I recommend, if you decide collaboration is something you need/would enjoy, just put it out to the world. The world may surprise you. ;-)

    4. i guess i’m mostly referring to my personal projects here… in which case i prefer not to be regularly checking in with others… however there are some collaborative efforts on the horizon with some inspired filmmakers that may yield some great things. i think the first film of that effort will be released early in 2016… though for now that’s super tentative. i will certainly announce the releases via this channel when the time comes.

    5. You seem to do this more for your own pleasure, you would feel stifled and under pressure answering to other people. It should be done where and when you’re inspired with a calm peaceful mindset and for your own pleasure. That’s what makes your creations so calming and peaceful for others. It’s so hard to find anything like that any more, Don’t ever change!Gravity Glue

    6. Sandi Sanchez precisely. it is a very sensitive artform… it is all about feeling which is something purely unquantifiable. magic happens spontaneously via intuition. film crews, by nature, dampen the spontaneity necessary for magic. but alas, i’m highly in tune with this nuance and have made it crystal clear thus far for anyone wanting to record me or my work. tis all energetic flow art. and nothing can be scripted. it just has to happen. and also require *letting go of it, so it *can happen.

    1. haha.. you prolly shouldn’t watch the one i’m making right now.. much more upbeat than usual… but i really like the overall vibe of the melody. annnnnd one of my self imposed restrictions for making the 2015 movie was that the central music had to have also been produced during 2015.

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