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  1. a hint of too much magenta or red, but the image & sentiment are doing what they’re supposed… chem trails, sure, but if you’re focusing on that, then you’re not seeing the magic and beauty in its entirety.

  2. Loved to see you in action at psy-fi, to bad there were not any lights pointed at your creations at night…that would’ve been extra beautiful ! Great work. I build some difficult ones at the other side of the bridge. Thx for the inspiration.

  3. Fabulous image, Love the details! The backlit balance is uber awesome; really stands out despite all the other objects in the pic. Who knew a stack of rocks could be so beautiful!?? (Ima longtime fan!)

    1. Yeah it’s even more ridiculous when you are watching him do it, your just thinking there’s no way it could balance and he sits for ten minutes and makes it work.

    2. I seen photos of the bridge one ay no even funny how fake it looks !! Doesn’t seem fucking possible hahahaha I wanna see him make them he must have help at ??

    3. Nah all by himself. You position yourself so that you pull them all towards you at an angle if that makes sense. He said it’s all about selecting really good rocks for it

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