The truth is like a lion, You don’t have to defend it. Let it loose. It will defend itself.” ~ St. Augustine

this was a kind of farewell balance to a spot that has become very close to heart. for 2 weeks i made this cove my temporary home/studio. sat with it through all the weather, high tide, low tide.. watched some beautiful sunsets..feels like i left a piece of myself here. . kinda hard to find the right words.. i guess all i can say is THANK YOU!

now off to North Holland for Psy-Fi festival . .! gonna teach some workshops this weekend, excited to scope the rock situation and observed the nuances of my new temporary home. .. .

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  1. Você alcança através de sua arte o melhor equilíbrio que a natureza pode ser, então isso me inspira a tentar o melhor de mim também. .esse equilíbrio delicado e esse desafio para com a gravidade são como a alma humana se sente nessa bela e curta vida na Terra.Salve o povo pedra!

  2. Awesome Michael Grab>>>>>My father is 93 years young, you met him in April— he sums up his Life Philosophy: “Two words: Thank you ! “

  3. You make a difference with these pictures of your work, for those of us who cannot see it in person or in process. Thank you for sharing the ideas, the images, the feeling, and the joy.

  4. I feel sure the cove is more than happy to care for the pieces of you you leave there. Please don’t stop posting – truly awe-inspiring stuff Michael.

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