i first made this form in Boulder Creek a couple years ago… seemed appropriate for this beach, considering the uniform stones, and constant waves coming in for high tide at sunset in recent days…

Observing Sunset

this beach in particular has become a new sacred space in my world.. similar to all the other coves and beaches i’ve spent considerable time balancing in. each day is a microcosm of activity; monkeys, iguanas, ants (everywhere, but harmless), hermit crabs… the iguanas in particular feel like new friends. they live more or less under these logs, and seem to recognize me now after sharing several long, scorching hot afternoons in close vicinity. :))


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  1. Hello, I left message on your website and hope can invite you to come to Shanghai, if possible please let me have some feedback? Thanks a lot.

  2. I hope you get money from doing this somehow. lol You’re really good, I saw you working at Eben G. Fine in Boulder once but didn’t want to disturb since you were working.

    1. i think this one requires a lot less physical strength to build than top heavy pieces..and generally less risky. however, the challenge here is moreso finding the right rocks to realize the desired proportions. also maybe a bit more finesse required for high precision top-light pieces like this..

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