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  1. I remember those one from Psy-Fi festival. I guess it was your excellent job till that bloody storm destroyed everything :-// have a cool photo of it

    1. start basic. regular towers as high as you can is a good beginning challenge. and/or, practice balancing one rock on a tip. as small of a contact point as possible… those are the two essential building blocks to achieving more complex top-heavy arrangements. once you get it (which is most definitely possible)… do it again, and perhaps add a rock, or shrink the contact points somehow.

    2. That’s the beauty of it :) it’s like guitar playing or something similar. You watch yourself go from literally unable to do it all the way to being able to do it fairly quickly

    3. This is sage advice (“start basic…” etc.), and precisely how I got started, back before I stumbled upon the inspiring work of Gravity Glue, who in my opinion is the world’s best at this. See also: Andy Goldsworthy.

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