“Mostly it is loss that teaches us about the worth of things.”
~ Schopenhauer

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  1. My eyes don’t believe what I’m seeing. Will someone please explain how this is possible? I just don’t get how those large rocks could possibly stay balanced on such a small point.

  2. I would like to quote, “mostly it is time that teaches us about the worth of humans” even if we enjoyed each minute of shared moments. But I keep this shared moments like a treasure, so may be they still beat in my blood as a vibrant positive energy. I remember tiger rocks…

  3. I don’t get why they would go after you for this! They should find something better to do with their time! I would be in awe if I saw these somewhere around here in WI! Not like you’re hurting anyone, defacing property, or anything that affects anyone else! Rock on! ;-)

  4. funny this quote would be with this picture. I lost my husband 3 months ago and we used to spend hours at the river where he would create rock sculptures. You never know what the next day brings so LOVE like there is no next day. Thank you.

    1. Thank you all. CM Garner as bad as you think it’s going to hurt, it’s a hundred times worse. Then when you think you might be able to get a handle on things, something reminds you of him and the waves of sadness rush back in.. All I can tell you is you are not alone in this journey and to treasure every moment you get with him. Kevin and Shelby thank you! Today was a bad day and it felt good to see someone out there cares.

  5. I live in Estes Park so I know how cold our river water, is even in the summertime. How in the world can you stand in the water like that, for what seems like a long time and do what you do without freezing?

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