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Taichung, Taiwan

Hanging out with a fellow balancer by the name of Pascal, who runs the page Gravity Meditation…! based in Taiwan! check out his page to see some more cool stone balance work!

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  1. WOW!!! I am from Taiwan and feel excited about knowing a great artist based in my country. Thanks for sharing his page, and hope you enjoyed everything while staying in Taiwan. By the way, I love your works, too! <3

  2. The simplisity and peace of your art resonates with me. Doubt I can achieve the inner balance it must take to accomplish even a fraction of this art but I may try :)

  3. When we lived in Okinawa, around 1960, my family visited Taiwan. We went up into the mountains and saw the indigenous terraced rice paddies there. I sat on a black sand beach in a farming village and joined another child in making sand sculptures. Taiwan is tops for beauty!

    1. Take an engineering statics course. Not very stable, but absolutely possible. The moment is 0 at every point where rocks touch, so the only force is in the negative Z direction.

    2. Any rock balance that looks so unreal that people don’t believe it is surely a good one. When someone doesn’t think it’s real, that is a compliment to the balancer.

    3. It would certainly be more credible if not all videos were cut and manipulated, or more simply if we could see any of those finished works later falling down… but that never happens. The truth is everything happens “as if” some kind of glue was being used and this was all fake… But then again, it could also be true

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