“When it is all finished, you will discover that it was never random.”

Balance created along Boulder Creek. Lush Spring Green. Living on a feeling.

THANK YOU EVERYONE for bearing with me through the recent drama with the local cops. everything happens in perfect time, precisely as it should. and life is all good thanks to a focused will, and a mob of support from all of YOU!

also wanna say hey to everyone including the 25K new followers over the **last week*** (no joke… wtf!! really!!!?  )…

An interesting, unexpected result?  funny this all happened at once..

screenshot from 25-May-2015
screenshot from 25-May-2015

Definitely the biggest boom i’ve experienced thus far in this page’s existence! still digesting… feels like a bit of pressure to broadcast my work to 86,000 followers!! haha, but i have a feeling that the best is yet to come!

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  1. I just read your story! Watched some videos and liked your page.. And I’m in the 96,000 followers! Can’t wait for my next trip to Boulder..it’s feeling overdue for sure!

  2. Just read about what happened to you.. It made me really sad to think that we in this city have come to such a point. Happy for the good outcome and for Boulder, too. You are appreciated!

  3. Bet you never guessed how being harassed by the cops could help you out. Keep breaking the barriers of what we call ‘impossible’. The new world begins today. Thank you for your amazing contribution to our world.

  4. I personally love the way you found your talent with Mother Earth.Who would have known,with out our God given rock’s.It’s ok for people to suck the blood from Mother Earths vain and call it oil!! Good luck ,support you from Denville La. Bayou Girl!

  5. Like the look of what you’re doing, but just goes to show how “politically Correct” the government feels it has to be now days. Glad to see you stood up to them. I remember Boulder from the 60’s,70’s, n 80’s. Many fond memories of weekends on the Hill.

  6. Those are Steinmaechens. Someone doesn’t like you and are using cops to confront you rather than confront you themselves. P.S. Don’t blame the cops, without the ordinances they can’t do a thing.

  7. A citation for THAT? Are you fucking serious? How exactly does that effect the natural environment in any way shape or form? Hell, if anything all it would take a nosy animal to knock it over and it would just be the same rocks laying there that were already there.

  8. Nothing spoils getting back to nature like hiking in to a great are and seeing a bunch of stacked rocks, no matter how intricate. We knock them over and toss the rocks so the area can be “natural”. Leave nature the way you found it. Stack them if you want but knock them down when you leave.

  9. Just seeing the pictures of this is amazing, how is this in any way going to hurt anything! Wow and I always thought Boulder was a pretty cool place to live, must have gotten pretty uptight over the years.

  10. I’m sure the constitution has it stated somewhere that rock stacking is a crime! Who wouldn’t declare this heinous act to be a felony most serious?! This man is clearly a terrorist! Note my heavy use of sarcasm!!!

    Man, those officers need to get a life or some hobbies. This is just ridiculous. Just another case of big egos at work. They must feel like they’re really putting themselves in the line of duty by bullying an artist.

  11. Conceptual artist Christo has unveiled plans to envelope Lake Iseo, a freshwater lake in Italy’s Lombardy region, in more than 750,000 square feet of yellow fabric, but it’s against the law to balance rocks in CO??? WTF??? Seek your passion!

  12. Stressful as it must have been you’re better for it.
    If this hadn’t happened, me and a lot of other people would never have seen your amazing works of art.

  13. I love what you do and am always inspired by the natural world in my art. I must try this myself in my backyard by the pond. It’s the perfect expression of life around us and how finding the balance can be achieved!

  14. Huge supporter! Been stacking in Clear Creek and Coal Creek for over a year now. Would love to get together sometime and stack. Called the Boulder County Attorney’s Office, they will NOT be enforcing their unjust law beginning Monday! From one stacker to another, Congrats Brother!

  15. I am one of those new followers and am fascinated by your work. Glad the situation with the authorities is worked out and we can focus on your amazing creations.

  16. …surely, the best is yet to come. Balance fascinates me. I am a Libra, and can’t walk the curb steadily…..go figure! I do yoga and deep breathing, but I can’t stand on tiptoe without leaning and swating, LOL! Thanks for making up for my lack of stable Chi!

  17. Really!!! Do Boulder police seriously think this is a crime and they cannot look for real criminals? I’m ashamed of this city’s government, a city I dearly love. You just keep doing what you’re doing because it’s all part of the Peace movement. Rock on brother! !

  18. I love what you do. First saw an artist here in SF make a sculpture like yours, and my mind was blown. You’ve taken this technique to a whole new level…and I love & admire your work. Keep going from your heart and you can’t go wrong.:)

  19. Your videos and stone structures instill an enormous sense of peace …. they are beautiful in their own right and are also metaphors for material and social relations … they also send my imagination soaring … thank you

  20. Lovin’ you all the way from North Carolina, where I was introduced to your work by a friend in Ohio. Your reach is far and wide. Thank you for what you do. <3

  21. Michael, I’ve been one of your followers for quite some time now, and you never cease to amaze me. As a fellow balance artist, I know the reward you get from just the accomplishment, let alone the cheers you hear from the masses. I consider myself honored to have been able to come along for the ride during your amazing journey and watch as you broaden folks insight into the world of balance. Thank you for what you do, and for the inspiration you give to those of us brave enough to attempt the near impossible.

  22. This is amazing. I am happy that I found this page Of beautiful art. You have a very Unique gift. Don’t ever feel pressure. What ever you do will be. I am amazed of this gift you have. I never seen this before. Be you. Have a good one.

    1. i’m just kidding!! :)) but thanks for the reminder… i’m pretty sure i’d continue the same process whether it was 100 or 100K followers! :) i’m mostly just obsessed with rocks and the world will just have to deal with it! :D

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