A bit of time exploring and following the occasional whim led me to countless rocks… most too big to balance… but some juuuuust right :) so far my visit to Amsterdam has focused on coffeeshops, architecture, and rocks.. and tiny seashells :)). the variety of architecture here stands out to me more than most cities.. feels stylish and sexy… in a ‘no-bullshit’ kind of way. the culture feels refreshingly progressive… . . . this image is the product of a rare combination of elements it seems for this place.. rocks, urban landscape, rain, and very low wind…all at once. so far it’s been mostly windy, most of the time.. but i found a small rhythm, and worked with it. was chatting recently with someone about how working with these natural rhythms via intuition is like glimpsing the divine, in a way. everything just works, with perfect time. fuck looking stupid or weird. this had to be done. no expectations. flying away tomorrow morning. i’ll have to revisit Amsterdam again.. really enjoyed my limited two day stay here… and found tons more rocks than i anticipated.



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  1. If you liked NL youll love Denmark. Same mindstate and progressiveness. Crazy architecture combined with Nature and historical castles and shit. And being an Island nation we have a shitload of rocks. Check it out. Denmark and Holland are very similar.

    1. Gravity Glue My eldest son lives in Chongqing China on the Yantze River. I’m sure he would be more then happy to take you in for a visit! I’ll tell him you’ve been invited! lol

  2. I really like Holland, even with the rain, wind and grey skies. And yes, it is very progressive. I hope to get back soon to visit my daughter and daughter-in-law in The Hague. Oh….come to Nova Scotia. We have lots of rocks.

  3. You are so right about Amsterdam! I also visited stockholm – same stylish, sexy, no bullshit architecture and right in the midst of that progressiveness were people riding their bikes and walking to work. Very refreshing. I want to go back someday, too! Love the awkward yet sturdy combo in the photo, too.

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