Found a rare oasis of loose rocks in Amsterdam, Netherlands. built this after visiting the Bulldog coffeeshop directly behind this spot across the canal… nice place

a swan also came surprisingly close to me while building this.. they like eating the moss that grows on the rocks that sat just below me, at sea level. . . beautiful birds.. !

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    1. Omfg Michael, you have an official blue check by your artist registry…..
      Just when I thought I couldn’t be anymore proud to know you ;)

      “I’m a teacher, but I’m also a student”

    2. Haha yep.. They denied my request several times but I wouldn’t stop asking. Haha I also change the page name to include my legal name for a few days and then my request worked. Then I changed back down to only gravity glue. Still a blue check? Check! :))

    3. god you/we play this game very well…..

      I hope to see you again sometime…. I’d love to bring a typewriter out to a session of yours and make magic on magic.

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