Diary of a Rock Balancer ::

Stone Balance Art (Arch) created (06-09 Feb 2016) and photographed by Michael Grab — 08-10 February 2016 — Kaplankaya, Turkey ::

In between other recent creations i’ve been revisiting the star dial and fine tuning the wave, and also framing/composition with the arc of the background mountains… behind which, is the city of Bodrum, Turkey.

I enjoy today’s overcast light the most for this creation, as all the depth of color really comes out, and especially using a polarizer to the right degree..! Also I love the warmth of this particular spot of earth and rocks against the cooler water and sky. . frickin exquisite! :))

Nearby doodles

Note the beautiful red and yellow tones in the shoreline here.. only in this spot is it quite so vivid!