Diary of a Rock Balancer ::

Stone Balance Art created and photographed by Michael Grab — 09 February 2016 — Kaplankaya, Turkey ::

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for a bit of size reference.. . .

size referencemost people were a bit tripped out by the seemingly enormous size of this rock… when in reality, it was prolly the smallest top rock i used for any of my creations here at #Kaplankaya. also in the reference photo you can better see the small notch on which it sat…. the balance itself was still quite challenging and most sensitive to wind out of any others, mostly due to low friction rocks and the angle at which the top contact rested. also illustrates the creative dexterity of photography through simple manipulation of focal length and perspective. both photos shot at 24mm. so now you know!

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  1. If I had time I’d paintshop a couple tiny humans on top the rock that’s just above the horizon pointing to the left. That’d really mess with the perspective.

  2. I imagined it to be that size, or not much bigger.
    If ever you want to come and balance some rocks in the Australian bush, you can come and visit me.
    We have river rocks and very old granite boulders, some of which shed curved flakes.
    You could do a balancing workshop for the locals.

    1. Great eye mate.. Bottom, 2nd from bottom, and 4th & 5th from bottom were used in previous post’s balance, however, this one was made first. :)) the rabbit hole goes deeper for an even keener eye ;)

    2. Also the 4th is upside down, 5th flipped left to right, 1st and 2nd are both on completely different edges… But the rabbit hole I’m referring to also involves today’s :))

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