“All the effort in the world won’t matter if you’re not inspired.”
~ Chuck Palahniuk

shades of granite on a rainy day

I prolly looked a bit insane from the cliffs up above… wet day all around, which means all these surfaces became dangerously slick. one wrong move could potentially leave me unconscious in the granite waves. not a good place to be with a rising tide. but i did it anyway. slowly. methodically. and ended up with this slight eyegasm. showing the other end of the spectrum of rock selection at this cove… granite eggs!! :))

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  1. You are absolutely amazing… I dream to get to your workshop one day… I love rocks, they mean something incredible to me. And you are a Master and you breath Life into them. Thanks for inspiration and joy.

  2. LOVE it Michael— the magic continues in this awe inspiring rock paradise…. good thing you are nimble on your feet and know the slippery rocks ! Safe travels and have fun !

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