This was at an old abandoned mill of sorts.. a bit of exploring required to find this spot… Exceptionally beautiful miscrocosm

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  1. Lucky White

    MIND BLOWING Beauty!!! Beyond WOW! Thank you for the awakening, Michael Grab aka magician.

  2. Will this shot be included in your prints for sale? Any chance of ever visiting Cape Town (South Africa) to do some rock balancing/meditation? Beautiful places, beautiful people, loads of beautiful rocks and boulders awaiting for you ;)

  3. Thanks for sharing your talent, inspirations, and vibe. Looking at your video, pics and reading the quotes made me realize my need for balance of self. If I am not in balance, anything that proceeds will be unbalanced. Thank you!

  4. Off the charts AmaZing Michael ! Just talked to Robb and we both dropped our jaws lookin’ at your latest work— your composition is better and better ! Onward and aloha ! :)

  5. How the hell, do you do that!! My husband and I have a little creek that runs through our property. We now have several little rock structures that have emerged from the wonderment of what you do. Life is balancing act and you certainly have mastered it. Love what you represent to the world. xx

    1. i wish i could balance my life, haha… rocks, yes! life, not quite. . . but i guess life would get a bit boring if it ever reached a permanent state of balance. . .

  6. I’m visiting the US in September/October and will be passing by Boulder. Is there any way to know where to look to see your art? I only have one day on which to try.

    1. In your case I would just take it as a compliment. I tend not to believe you can do the things you do even having watched you do them over and over again. People who haven’t would reasonably and wrongly assume it can’t be done.

      You’re more of a magician than an artist. This photo is awesome, Terence would approve…

  7. I have become accustomed to the gravity defying feats of balance we see on this page, but don;t tell me you didn’t photoshop the moss onto these rocks.

    1. The top and bottom rock have a layer of moss that must’ve taken quite a while to grow so thick. I found them in the trees together… The smaller middle stones are clean out of a nearby creek.

    1. Part of it is perspective, but it certainly maxed out my one armed lifting strength. Basically as big as I could possibly lift while holding the smaller ones in place. No easy task

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