Diary of a Rock Balancer ::

Stone Balance Art created and photographed by Michael Grab — 28 February 2016 — South Island, New Zealand ::

I dub thee, the sandfly balance. I would be utterly mind blown to find another human on earth (including myself) that could recreate this same balance in this spot. West coast New Zealand creek running into a large lake south of fox glacier. approaching sunset. Harshest conditions I’ve ever balanced in. Worse than the forest mosquitoes in north Sweden. Ever had hundreds of sand flies buzzing and relentlessly searching for any biting opportunity, while holding rocks still enough to balance?? I don’t even remember the zero point. I just let go and ran away and luckily I was close enough to Zero for it to hold. Success!! ❤️ 

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  1. You were obviously being tested to the limit of your endurance. The significance of this moment is that you still achieved Zero. Magic happens every single day!

    1. I got bit up real bad by sand fleas in n Carolina. Just my feet, which I had buried one night by the beach fire. I couldn’t even wear sandals for days. Nasty creatures.

    1. I’ve seen him build these with my own eyes on the beaches of Costa Rica. It’s an amazing–and calming– sight to witness. No trickery involved, Bob. Just intense concentration for longer periods of time than most humans would ever devote to something like this.

    2. Bruce Johnson , to me, it’s physically impossible. Sorry. The slightest bit of breeze would topple it, even if he could take his hands away without it falling.

    3. Samuel Francis Rubin, I am like doubting Thomas. Until I see, I won’t believe. I do, however, believe in the Holy Trinity, and that when consecrated, the bread and wine become the body and blood of Christ. In short, I believe that it’s my right to choose in what I believe and do not believe.

    4. Samuel Francis Rubin, no darkness intended. If 10,000 believed, I would still have the right to not believe. How can that be a shadow of darkness. If 10,000 did not believe, would you proclaim and express your right to be the only believer?

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