Diary of a Rock Balancer ::

Stone Balance Art created and photographed by Michael Grab — 28 February 2016 — South Island, New Zealand ::

this is the first pagoda style formation i’ve built. a product of both the specific context and also some time spent with my friend Pascal, who is another exceptional earth balancer going by the name Gravity Meditation. Through him, I’ve come to know and identify these towers as “Gaia Inukshuks”. Basically a fairly large step pattern with each layer separated by 3 small rocks, acting as the tripod for each subsequent layer. highly wind resistant if built carefully.

anyway, building this one was a powerful experience. And it is the only balance i’ve left standing thus far in New Zealand, due to its more remote location. and unless there is an earthquake, I recon it will remain even through some of the highest winds i’ve encountered on the south island.

As i was saying, with respect to being a product of the immediate setting, this river valley had a beautiful assortment of large slabs of rock as seen here, perfect for this style. And local wind flowing through this valley essentially guided my building of such a sturdy tower.

Now, for me, the whole point of the Gaia Inukshuk is to be built and left standing in a remote setting of awe and beauty on this lovely planet. built slowly and deliberately (each tower experiences a huge input of meditative flow energy. . .) which ultimately maximizes stability and strength for lasting life, all while accumulating energy in the area over time, with intention of building and/or strengthening felt power spots; centers of high energy accumulation.. similar to what I felt at Franz Josef Glacier. This is actually not too far away from FJG, and partially fed off the recent experience. I won’t give more clues about location, as to help preserve its life from the hands of curious humans.

and perhaps sometime, someone might accidentally see it, sit with it, and contemplate its being. . . which i hope may elevate the energy of both the spot AND the observer.

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    In the multiverse big bang, bang everywhere when it is ready. It doesn’t matter big bang or small bang or tiny bang or hand clap bang, all the bang are energy that have release into the universe everywhere in space and bothers to all objects even atom or particle that I call: “stress pressure of the universe”. Those stress pressure travel straight line in space to all direction in speed of light without block each other and push to all objects form together even atom call “gravipush” (old word call gravity). All objects in space have blocked each other stress pressure of the universe made the stress pressure unbalance so those objects will run toward low pressure to each other by gravipush. Bigger object has bigger mass, bigger mass has more gravinet, more gravinet can block more stress pressure and get more gravipush.
    So I announce publicly: From now on no more gravity but gravipush to all scientists all over around the world. Thank you
    Written December 23, 2015

    1. i was thinking of that, and you’re probably right. but the boulder it sits on already rises 1.5m out of the water and is anchored against the shoreline, though still not immune to flood conditions i imagine.

  2. Every balance you do takes my breath away, the amount of artistic energy flowing with the pull of the earth and mother nature’s guidance is purely magical

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