I walked by the hospital yesterday where i was born… funny feeling to revisit 31 years after 0. also kinda interesting to revisit my native city and explore through the lens of a stone balancer… this balance was done in whitemud creek, which flows into the north saskatchewan river.. a nice quiet place amidst a bustling city grind. nice rocks too that mostly don’t exist outside a highly tuned rock radar

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

now off to London!

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  1. How long do you think they stay in place if you don’t take them down? I’m fascinated by them – have always loved rocks. Thank you for sharing them with us…. they are peaceful, serene, yet magical in a celtic sort of way.

  2. I’m amazed each time you show your creations here. That such thing is possible, makes you appreciate the small things and big things in life. Managed to balance one stone while i was on holiday in england last week

  3. Do you use any adhesives? I love building cearns while through hiking long trails. Actually, I take them down soonest I finish them and take photos. Lot of people on the trail really dislike other peoples rock art. I personally enjoy it very much. Your art is beautiful.

    1. thanks! normally i take them down. never any adhesives besides gravity. but this one i left in place because it was completely inaccessible to most. but i left it as a small temporary still point for the observant ones. Perhaps a source of “yugen”

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