Pembina River
Entwistle, Alberta, Canada

This was the first time i had the opportunity to show my Dad, in person, what i do for a living… first time seeing him in a few years actually…. so i took him out of the busy city of Edmonton, to this relatively quiet spot on Pembina River. This is close to where my family always used to go in the summers when we all lived together in Edmonton. i must say it was great to see him again. an emotionally satisfying experience. seeing him smile fills me with a warm nostalgia. And i’m continually in awe of his patience. a kind of zen master in his own rite; always content exactly when and where he is. . . more than i can say for myself. but he inspires me to do better, especially when dealing with other people, or circumstances i’m powerless to change.

same place as here

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  1. There must be a different energy present when your dad is with you. It seems to me that both your choice of stones and the sculpture depict a great strength. Most of your work brings thoughts of peace to me. Very interesting that being with your dad (our first and forever hero) resulted in this powerful piece.

  2. This is perhaps the most incredibly difficult and challenging one yet. To think that you shared this experience with your father is a joyous addition to your personal journey and process. You both deserve to be very proud in a humble way. Congrats…

  3. DAMN! That top stone’s flow in combination with your placement on the contact point is not only amazing but enchanting ( as all of them are ;)). Keep that flow man.

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