Sometimes I get so enthralled with the process that a dark, cold creek has little effect on my senses. almost as if i feel warmer in such conditions… my art revolves around the flux of environment. When night falls, the balance often remains. And, as many know, I love documenting my creations in whatever conditions are available in the moment.  almost like a fingerprint of its existence…..

darkness brings a different dimension of energy..Generally making us uncomfortable.. it is normally a signal to go inside. to seek a safer place… so i find it interesting to observe a balance as day transitions to night.. the balance remains. content. it accepts anything and everything, even collapse. although no one can see it sitting there all night in the dark, with its intricate beauty, it remains… seeking no recognition. it sits, alone, in the freezing creek, often to greet the sun when it rises again…

and also returning to the balance the next day, or after any extended period of time… there is also a different energy, as if the balance has undergone a noticeable spell of aging. as if it is in fact wiser through all the conditions it has endured.




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  2. Jim May

    I have done a little of this in the past. As one who canoe’s, I have done some of these in rivers. Some behind my home in a retention pond spillway. Nothing in this class of work however. As I just retired, viewing your amazing work has inspired me to try these creations as soon as the snow melts here in Wisconsin. Very beautiful work young man. To take items left by God in beautiful places, and to create such wonder, you have been given a gift. I thank our God that he touches people like you to “gift” all of us with such sights. Thanks, and never stop what you do. Jim

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