I’m sure we’ve all come across times when we assess whether or not it’s “worth it” to take certain risks…



As with love, sometimes spontaneous whims of inspiration push me to take a necessary risk. Normally i don’t seek out the most dangerous places to balance.. but this instance required exploration. Once the intention rooted, I held on for the ride, as if one process with the flowing creek. I highly recommend this approach to art, or at least stone balance… don’t think. just do. a certain quality comes out of letting go, abandoning all mental hiccups… and flowing forward in creative bliss. the rushing sound of the creek helps. and the icy landscape cradles… To be honest, the most challenging part was getting good camera angles across the strong but buckling ice and raging sections of exposed water…


I enjoy placing balances in the most unlikely places… i imagine many will wonder how the hell i got this very delicate balance in place… :)  my secret.. :P but once finished, the end result was somewhat alien, seemingly placed from the air.


I’m beginning to accrue much experience with various ice conditions on Boulder Creek… There are so many ways it freezes and melts depending on extremity of temperature variations..  I might add that I do not recommend playing in and around this stuff without *appropriate experience…. some areas of ice can buckle and crack depending various factors like underlying depth and so on..  a decent knowledge of the unfrozen creek terrain really helps.. hence.. EXPERIENCE. :)

intuitive risk taken. no other option in the moment. worth it…



“Si vous pouvez voir un ciel bleu c’est parce que le soleil brille. Si vous pouvez voir des nuages c’est parce que le soleil brille. Si vous pouvez voir la lune c’est parce que le soleil brille. Il est toujours là, toujours…”  ~ Féminin Sacré




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  1. Carrie

    Your rock-balancing is incredible,
    and, as a skeptic — it’s hard for me to actually believe, even when I watch the video, it’s like I feel I need to be there to witness it — but it’s also inspiring to make me want to try it! I see a lot of patience is required, and strength in your arms, as I can tell it would be very tiring to hold them for several minutes at a time… WOW , just WOW

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