Reminds me of the Mandelbrot set. if you don’t know what that is, google it. learn about it. you will be amazed.

In a way, practicing stone balance (or anything really) follows a similar method. Each creation likened to an iteration of the fractal, whose experience is then plugged back into the equation, which produces the next creation, and so on and so on as time passes. . linking each creation to every other creation. All while the overall set grows infinitely complex. Perhaps why every new creation seems to have a fresh twinkle, from the moment it’s produced, until the next iteration takes form. always evolving. each experience expanding consciousness just a little bit more. . . Then it gets really twisted when you factor in the element of cross sharing the photos with all other balance artists. cuz then each new development by any one practitioner indirectly plugs into all other practitioners’ ‘equations’ as a conscious or even subconscious definite possibility. the universe essentially channeling development of a certain skill through hundreds, even thousands, of apertures simultaneously. this way, something more and more complex is inevitable. “i’m wafflin’ again” . . .


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Current status. .

Energetic maximum (in my opinion)… last sunset of its 2 day lifespan. The ice is fascinating on its own. Add cleverly placed rocks and sunset reflections? Magic! I LOVE the anticipation of seeing how the piece collaborates with its environment. Always a pleasant surprise. Perfect example of the “controlled accident”. Absolutely love every part of it!

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  1. Karen

    Brilliant! I’ve been in love with Mandelbrot Sets since I learned about them at the Boston Computer Museum years ago and, this is yet another way of thinking about them. I have a VHS tape of the Julia sets with musical accompaniment which is great relaxation therapy!

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