“America stop pushing I know what I’m doing…” ~ Allen Ginsberg (from the poem ‘America’)

^^ one of my favorite poems. i identify with so much of it, having been an ‘outsider’ that moved here in my youth. still quite relevant to today’s state of affairs despite being published back in 1956 (?…correct me if i’m wrong) interesting that the poem was originally banned from american bookshelves, along with the rest of the book it appeared in.. “Howl”

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    1. Deb Vega, the best part, if I’ve learned anything from this brilliant page, is that you *can* do this.

      From what I understand, the creator of Gravity Glue learned how to do this just like anyone else can. :)

      I for one, know I’m going to try this in the heart of Montana, once it isn’t so cold, and every single rock isn’t covered with snow. :)

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