Diary of a Rock Balancer :: 

Stone Balance Art created and photographed by Michael Grab — 16 July 2016 — Iceland ::

I spent 2 days contemplating this general space and composition. car camped in a nearby campsite (2 minute walk) — Waited for the wind and rain to rest. Then seized the moment… More or less..

Ive found a strange and slightly magical pattern with these creations I put significant energy into. Almost as if the fae are watching.. — The weather causes collapse after collapse, before I’m able to pull off long exposures (framing, focusing, filter placement, etc) all in the rain… Like a madman — umbrella and all. Hopeless conditions for relatively involved photography. I can’t stress enough how much of a ninja one must become with the motions of filters and lenses in extreme environments. Know your gear well! 

anyway, after enough struggle, often to my limit of patience, the fae seem to offer a magic window to realize my vision. And due to such challenging weather, zero still appears by complete surprise. Not to mention properly executing ‘the shot’–

Pure romance really… Love affair with nature/life/unpredictability? Maybe… Sure beats the material world, comfort zones, and dare I say.. Politics (imho)

Also, not easy working around large waterfalls… Beautiful yes. But the flow creates formidable wind… And mist.. And this one is relatively microscopic in the realm of Icelandic falls.. They are all extremely powerful and soothing to listen to.. .


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