I’ve become obsessed again. Perhaps the experience of this heavy leaf storm the other day really left a print on the psyche. Not to mention all the other elements of this dynamic location. By carefully adjusting underwater rocks in strategic places, i’ve created a kind of slow whirlpool that flows clockwise around this arch… The entire pool is an excellent leaf catcher and the leaves get caught up whirling around my arch. :)) (the time lapses look REALLY cool!) Surprisingly (or maybe not), not a single leaf struck the two balanced rocks atop my arch. I cringed with each gusty breeze as leaves showered down all around, almost like snow. The experience was quite enchanting, and has managed to bring me back to the location for the last few days to experiment more with variations. And perhaps to just spend time in a beautiful place.  i have too many photos of this project already, in all kinds of light and ambient conditions, along with a few slight variations (due to my obsessive habit with my freehand arch-lines — no form necessary, just very steady hands, patience, and slow breathing). Hard to choose which ones to post. will decide when i decide. but for now. THIS leaf storm over the entire creek!! 

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  1. MorghanLeigh

    I Balance all the time..not in such a large of scale as you.Rocks are pretty amazing aren’t they? so ancient.The most amazing part for me is finding two rocks that are each others perfect counterpart. I see in this photo above you are good at grouping too..even if you don’t know your doing it.Your work is just beautiful…If you are located anywhere near VA let me know it would be fun to rock out! Have your herd of the ringing rocks in PA?

  2. Bets

    Love your artistry, your website and blog. Is there a way to subscribe to your blog so that I get emailed new posts automatically?

  3. Brett Hollingsworth

    Iv been doing this for years or I should say did it. its been awhile sense I balanced rocks thats what I call it. they never last most more than seconds just wondering how you do so many and it seems they stay up for awhile. also can we send you pictures and share them with others? can I be alerted when you add new postings. Thanks Brett

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