Here’s what I did on Halloween. :)

I went to 3 different grocery stores before finding and settling on this gem. “fuck yes” was the word. The largest and most awkward pumpkin i could find. one that no one else would carve, let alone buy. and i gave it a temporary home for the night.

Let the play begin. First two photos are the initial variation from different angles, seemed fairly stable. Now that this was realized, what else is possible? so i dismantled and played more as the sun raced downward. Second row are two more (slightly more technical) variations; both collapsing seconds after each photo. Last two photos are very slight variations of the one before them. The last variation was stable and stayed for at least hours.. it uses exactly the same rocks as the one preceding, but one of the balance points is broader in the final version, giving more stability.

A few things about balancing pumpkins in a creek. :P

The shells are hard, but not like rocks, which caused most of the instability. They are slippery and difficult to grasp. I had to use my forehead to help stabilize the pumpkin into position because my fingers couldn’t grip. After a while i ended up lifting it by the stem, but rolling it up into position like a regular top-rock is quite difficult because the stem is so far from the center of mass.

One other thing: they stick out like a sore thumb. many people passed by on the creek, I was discovered every time. “What the hell is that guy doing with a pumpkin in the creek?” :P

despite the pumpkin being a bit bizarre and out of place, i really really love the added texture and extreme imperfection of a fellow earth grown object. :)

The last photo is during sunset.


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  1. Carol Heim

    I love the pumpkin addition and would like to buy some prints! Are you no longer selling prints? I purchased three a few months ago and as much as I love them, they are great to pass on to people who need encouragement. The pumpkin and rock combo definitely speak to me.

  2. Ed Budman

    Stunning. I don’t know how it’s done, but the end result is like nothing I’ve ever seen.

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