Along with the new year, I usually create a compilation of video clips i’ve recorded throughout the year… related to my stone balance art….. Gravity Glue 2013 will be the third edition.

2013 was a pretty wild year.. the first year i decided to dedicate all of my time and energy to my art. And by far my most prolific year so far… as can be seen by looking through my recently updated portfolio.

There was no shortage of video clips to choose from in making this compilation…It’s hard to know how much i was actually recording until it all comes out together in the end making this video.  When 2012 ended (having been an epic year in my artistic experience), i was doubtful of ever being able to “top” its magic… the people i met, the places i saw, the experiences i had…… but alas… now i’m at the end of 2013, looking back at the most exciting year of my life thus far, 2013.

It was by no means an easy ride… I learned more about practicing as a professional artist, about love, letting go… and maintaining balance… I found myself in a variety of enchanting places practicing my art… Along with my regular views from in and around Boulder, Colorado, I was commissioned to join a film crew in Arizona and teach a Japanese adventure show host how to balance rocks :)…. I was also commissioned to perform live in Stockholm, Sweden at the festival omodernt.. (a thrilling experience), and had the opportunity to explore and create for an extended period of time in North Sweden during the summer months. I also had the chance to visit a good friend on Lake Constance, Germany to balance for a few days… Later along my journey, I found myself in a fairytale-like scenario staying in a castle on the shore of Loch Ness, Scotland. doing what? balancing rocks for a fantasy film shoot. :)  another truly magical experience..

I also include several sped up demonstrations…. including the much requested timelapse of orb creation…. among other demos i’ve also included a POV demo of freehand arch construction.. (appearing at the end, top left corner..).. if there are enough requests for the full length arch demo, i might release it on its own as a learning resource….

many things were simply not recorded..but here is a good collection of glimpses into some of my experiences as a rock balancer.. i am deeply grateful for all i was able to see and learn…… i think my favorite clip is with the balance in the mist. there is a tiny butterfly that flutters across the frame from left to right. if you look closely, you will see what i’m talking about. That particular clip was shot in North Sweden, on the summer solstice. <3

Good Sound Device
Let the video load and watch in HD.. :)

Also, if you enjoy the music, you can find more of the artists’ music in the provided links..

Track 1: Cuthead – “LoFi Love Pt. II”

Track 2: Bluetech – “Probability Tree”



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  1. bruce slifer

    Hello Micheal, I just came across you art of balancing rocks very recently. I do alot of trout and steelhead fishing and quite often will leave some rock formations behind in the stream. Just trying to give back to the beauty of the river or stream a little of what it gives to me. I am completely blow away b y the majesty of your skill!!!! You have provided me with numerous ideas and incentive!!!! Keep up the good , beautiful work. I look very much forward to seeing more of your art, THANK YOU!!!!! Bruce Slifer

  2. Thank you AGAIN for BEING … your video is so awesome … there are segments that I could watch just hours of … just the waves or ripples … your wipes are so sweet … love your art … all aspects of it … your sharing is such a gift and is very appreciated … language just doesn’t completely convey the feelings you invoke … love your new logo …

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