After enough time pushing and pushing and pushing the limits of what’s possible, and training my mind to breathe with the moment, i sit back and realize.. i will never continuously “out-do” myself. though, lucky for me, the essence of my art is rooted more in the process than any one particular style or variation.  I am constantly evolving through each and every experience… be it rain, snow, wind, brilliant sunsets, or just pure enchantment..

this balance is among the simplest. and still… considering the process of creation, there is still the distinct state of “no-mind” that i achieve, especially in and around the zero-point.. which, in the grand scheme of the practice, is at the core of the experience. the place of no intentions, nor expectations, no worries, no calculations, purely open to all possibility….. in other words, existing as a mirror. receiving everything. keeping nothing. natural, unforced  flow with the flavor of NOW…

i might also add, that this frame of mind does not just arise instantly without practice….nor does it arise through intention…  but I truly believe that stone balance and other zen practices such as yoga, cultivate this state of mind over time… often without realizing.. and through enough practice, can be applied to many happenings in everyday life as well…

anyway.. just my 2 cents for today.. enjoy your thursday.. :P

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  1. Eswar

    Michael, I am just blown away with your work. It is so beautiful. But what grabbed me instantly is the lesson you offer in how mindfulness should be. And you describe that state of awareness very nicely here. Thank you and be blessed.

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