First balance of 2014…

Interesting story about this balance… incredibly unstable… I built it yesterday and decided to leave it standing over night with the secret hope it would last … I returned to the scene almost 23 hours later, for about 5 minutes. Delighted to see the balance still standing.. surprised…

Then, as if they sensed my return, the rocks randomly collapsed in front of me.. the moment made me smile.. :) especially because of the synchronicity of the circle. I returned at random. and the natural collapse occurred within that window of minutes.


I especially like this location because of all the flood debris hanging everywhere, it provides the perfect zen to the curves in the rocks..


“Every generation thinks it has the answers, and every generation is humbled by nature.” ~ Philip Lubin

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  1. Kris

    Hi. I read about you in the paper today and have seen your rocks while tubing. How much would it cost to get a copy of this picture? Thanks! Kris

  2. I love it that watching the rocks collapse made you smile. There is such beauty in witnessing the transformation of anything, and it’s awesome that you found that perspective and reminded me.

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