final creation from Pula… and also my personal favorite :)
when everything just feels right!

such a beautiful place!

Sunset (11 Sept 2015)

“Even if you know what’s coming, you’re never prepared for how it feels.”
~Natalie Standiford
How to Say Goodbye in Robot

Next Morning before flying…  (12-Sept-2015)

here is from the morning after… pleasantly surprised that both stood all night.. thought that the small recent one felt most fragile at zero and would surely fall in the slightest breeze… but i guess there were no breezes… or maybe i’m just lucky.

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  1. Truly you are amazing, I’m trying but after seeing constant photos such as this one I believe I need at least another 4 arms. Would love to see more videos on how you stack such counterbalance pieces. Thanks for all inspirations and what I experienced in return of much simpler versions. All the best!

  2. Michael Grab Gravity Glue – I have been a follower for years since back in Boulder and am so amazed and inspired by you! Every day is about striking a balance and creating and you are a spirit that is always exulting these qualities that are so important to share around the world right now! I am so proud of the following you have created and the energy, love, stillness, patience, and balance in life you perpetuate! THANK YOU FOR BEING YOU!!! <3

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