Earth Art
September 14, 2015

near Zărnești, Romania

Next Morning (15 September 2015)
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    1. Definitely was up all day the 15th. Left it in place and the valley gets very little wind.. And very little human traffic.. So it could still be standing !

    1. What do you mean unedited? I think it looks great, the color is not too vibrant, subject is well balanced (ha), and the water is nicely misted from the slower shutter speed.

    2. Shane, whenever i edit photos, my goal is to have them look as close to what i saw in real life. cameras do a fairly shitty job capturing dynamic range and color the way the human eye does, therefore i often do very minimal adjustments to reach that original experience/feeling… whatever you wanna call it. i appreciate the support from the rest of you, and Shane, you are free to complain, criticize, whatever feeds your soul. but kindly depreciate elsewhere. cuz at the end of the day, i follow my feeling, not the control-driven opinions of random people on social media.

    3. Shane, all GG did was use a slow shutter speed on his camera to more accurately capture the appearance of the swirling brook. Like me, he uses only minimal image alterations, and even then, mostly in his camera settings. We call the execution of knowledge, experience and technical mastery of the camera “photography”.

    4. Speaking as one who has seen Gravity Glue’s work in person, no photographic image could ever do justice to the inherent beauty and strength of these creations. Having said that, he is an incredible photographer and captures the essence in his photographs as well as anyone possibly could. His art extends from the earth to the photographic image honestly and beautifully. To suggest he do anything, less or more, to improve the above image is an insult to his artistry.

    5. Gravity Glue your soul is unbelievable pure. wonderful to see this. Im working on it to.. i want to leave my country and just go…travel and have a wonderful life. i want to create a piece of myself everywhere on the world. I want to find those pieces and become one with the universe. i really want to feel it. I want to live in the nature and never come back to the normal life. yea sounds like a dream…

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