Same balance. next day.. slightly different tide level, although the total range of change was significantly smaller than in the UK recently.. here the range was less than half a meter, whereas in cornwall was at least 5-10 meters it seemed.. but the daily time change in high tide was very similar… nearly an hour off, day by day.. but this day was perfect for shooting splashing water against this base…finding both a balance between sunset, magnitude of splashing water, while leaving the balance intact… no other day would have yeilded more perfect results. i have hundreds of similar photos during this sunset, but this is one of my favorites, both for the rays of sun at the moment, and also just brilliant zen of form and energy… possibly my favorite image i’ve captured thus far as a stone balancer… the splashing water is perfectly focused along with the rocks… almost can’t handle it… tooooo beautiful!

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  1. What I especially love about this photo is the image of perfect balance amidst the distracting movement all around us. This is in the running for your best image of that concept. Thank you.

    1. Nikon d800… But the lenses make a huge difference.. This was shot with kind of a standard professional grade lens … 70-200mm f2.8… Excellent lens for any pro photographer… Also working with its little sisters… 24-70mm f2.8 (which is also an amazing lens) … Along with 14-24mm f2.8 :)

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