Today I went out to check the remains of my public garden from yesterday; a day of sun and warm temperatures. Today, on the other hand, was the beginning of a multi-day freeze, snow and all. The circumstances have allowed a brilliant seasonal crossover. Colors of autumn with first snow of winter.

There is a certain energy that appears through constructing gardens. Energy that spills over into the forward creative flow. Social dynamics around the gardens often reinvigorate this energy, and affects my being on all levels.

I welcome the snow, I love it. however it really applies pressure on the balancing process itself. these are conditions only for the ‘extreme balancer’, as the cold must be managed in ways to avoid bodily harm. There are several techniques i’ve developed over the past few winters for maintaining body heat, including various breathing patterns, etc. Now my resistance to the cold seems almost built into my cells. One thing i’ve also noticed is that the act of balancing generates enormous body heat. Not sure how or why. but it does, at least for me.

I knew it was going to snow, however the snow began quite serendipitously just minutes after i realized this balance. i splashed no water on it but it seems the balance very lightly froze together via residual moisture on the rocks and frozen air.  And a perfect addition to the experience was a random (or maybe not so random) person stopping by, who just so happened to be familiar with my work AND carrying multiple cups of hot chocolate, one of which, he gifted me. :)) a day full of winks form the universe. ;)

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  1. Marie

    You’re beautiful, and so are the rocks. Working together you form a precious moment in time…A thing of beauty! I am inspired.

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