Although i highly enjoy my solitude while creating, I spent the weekend dislodging my self interest in designing single solitary creations…


seen in THIS photo (yesterday) is what i used to do everyday back in the beginning, and still love to do from time to time when the feeling FLOWS. THIS is the source of such a highly developed skill, multidimensional gardens. putting my creation out in public despite my inhibitions. despite possible failure under pressure, despite all the potential vulnerability. if i think too much in this scenario, i look and feel silly (like any artist who tries to force something outside their own genuine flow of creation). Instead, I, very naturally, become a verb instead of a mere noun. I am a process of the universe itself. “Try not. Do, or do not. There is no try” as a wise jedi once said.


I LOVE creating these dynamic interactions of rocks and people. strangers begin talking to one another. boundaries begin dissolving. positive energy flows without limits of the usual ego. i still can’t explain why this dynamic happens. i just know precisely how to create it by simply being myself. and the method has always worked, regardless of the several cultures i’ve experienced… hinting at some kind of common denominator which connects ALL of us as humans. ((( )))

this photo is a frame grab from a time-lapse i recorded of the scene yesterday. just another zero-point. and possibly a day altering moment for various unsuspecting boulderites. One man even mentioned how seeing the rocks in such a way, redirected a downward spiral he was heading into that day, as he described, something that tended to throw him into an extended depression for months on end. He said the rocks completely flipped his outlook and inspired him back up. THIS is how balancing rocks can be such a powerful medium. touching one or many hearts at a time. LIVE. in person.

i have no other pictures.. just this time-lapse shot over a course of 6 hours, including a colorful sunset. perhaps i will include parts of it in the movie i’m making.. or maybe i’ll put a preview on instagram :)))


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  1. Love reading your writing, man. I would love to hear you elaborate on what you mean when you refer to a “zero-point”. It sounds interesting :D

  2. Mary

    Love that you are living your passion which becomes inspiration for others.
    We are all in this game called life together.

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