“Faery Valley” is actually a real place. with quite beautiful (and massive) waterfalls to be enjoyed up close only by those willing to take (intelligent) risks. . . prerequisite? courage and a relatively accurate awareness of one’s own capabilities, as well as pure presence in the moment.

the challenge . . .

well first off, how do you define yourself? as a recipient of this world? or THE world!!!??? i recommend reflecting on these two paradigms throughout a day (or more)…  

this spot involved a fairly treacherous hike in order to reach the bottom of this waterfall… DEEP inside the faery valley. most of our hiking gear was left down below since just getting a camera and tripod to this view was no simple task. shout out to MindShift Gear for supplying the proper gear to make the transport more practical. the area was clearly prohibited by signs due to the danger involved. (that is, danger for the common tourist) …but we travel like monkeys. and once we have our heart set on something, the lock is quite strong. especially with passionate balancers involved. even managed to get a cute little beagle up with us!! :)) and the payoff for the risk was huge!! (but that’s not the point) i don’t recommend doing this for most people. one wrong slip could be very bad. but i can never look back at this memory without an overwhelming sense of accomplishment. The shear power of all this water falling gave the location a steady wind, steady enough that the rocks could slightly lean into it at such close range, and remain supported.

the next biggest challenge, was actually snapping a decent long exposure, since the location of the camera here was directly in line with a steady cool mist as well. wiping down the lens along with precision timing and execution became a new art for the day. another reminder that NATURE is in control. I can only adapt. and adapt i did! :)) most of the captures were too blown out with a fog created by the quick buildup of mist. the whole experience was pure magic. even got a nice cut on my leg from a certain kind of plant. skim over it slightly at the right angle and it slices like a paper cut. another reminder to stay aware of EVERY step!

i also recommend checking out the Gaia Inukshuk that Pascal made that day in this spot. over on his page Gravity Meditation.

big thanks to all involved on this small journey.


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    1. ha thanks!! wouldn’t have happened without you. i also like those final photos you shot with yours in the foreground and this one peaking out down below!

    2. I would say all happens for a reason even I believe in fortuity. If you would not by my guest I would may not visit that place at this time and so on … :D
      In anyway it was a great time we all share at this remarkable place!

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