Elephant rock, northeast coast of Taiwan. wavy sandstone landscape. reminded me of Findhorn Bay, Scotland, minus all the harder glassy smooth round rocks.

none of the formations pictured here are why this spot is called “Elephant” rock. but off to the right, out of frame is a massive rock formation that really does look like a huge elephant.

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  2. THIS is why it’s called “elephant rock”… the formation was too big to fit in the widest angle i could shoot with. still a huge ear out to the right.. directly underneath where i’m standing was an abandoned military bunker possibly from WWII.

    1. it was very cool indeed… definitely not any quality stones for balancing… (all very soft and grainy sandstone, hence the very simple balance) but at the place i mentioned in Scotland, the landscape is like this but with a HUGE selection of nice stones that are perfect for balancing. :)

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