Hygge [hoo ga]
(origin – Norway, Denmark)1. life moments brimming with happiness, comfort, loved ones, favorite things, beautiful places; 2. savoring the present moment; 3. the good life

this environment is definitely not for the weak willed.. and extremely dangerous for any lack of awareness. all these rocks and river beds were coated with an extremely slick mud, meaning each step is based on purely balancing oneself over various nooks and crevices. one slip could be a very bad day, especially deep in a sub tropical jungle. That said, the beauty and scenery is absolutely mind blowing. and the balancing must be executed with utmost precision and efficiency, since the rocks here are softer than the usual granite. These balance points begin to grind away after too much adjustment.

as soon as i saw this spot, my inner adventurer (heArt) said YES. while the reasoning mind said NO. perfect recipe for magic in my experience. the long exposure makes the waterfall look fairly tame. however i was forced to build this with that water gushing directly on my base rock and up into my eyes. NO was not an option. Expectation was not an option either. but somehow, surprisingly, i made it work… why? hummmm… i dunno, i guess i live for this shit. i’ve discovered i’m much more enthralled with exploring the local nature than exploring things like monasteries and such. perhaps i simply prefer the source! (although it all is quite fascinating) Earth is quite an amazing planet. we should prolly take a bit better care of her, regardless of the challenge that it requires.
thanks again to Pascal of Gravity Meditation and more local friends for turning me onto such beautiful places…! brother from another mother is an understatement. sooooo grateful for every minute detail thus far. Taiwan FEELS great! and i’m barely scratching the surface!

ps: this top rock is MASSIVE! i needed to have it resting on my shoulder while adjusting the the others one handed, all teetering on dangerously slick mud underneath.

cheers to the good life!


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  1. I am in awe of what you can do. I can not balance well at all so I get to appreciate thru your work. Thank you so much for sharing and please keep up doing what you do so well.

  2. Glue I love you and what you do!!! I’m a stacker… AlwAys everywhere… I’ve pulled of some cool Balance tricks but WTF dude yer Amazing!!! Never thought of it as an art form and now I wish I had pics of some of my Meditation sessions…. Keeping my eyes on you and looking at my River again…

  3. Aaaaah!!!!! Wow!!!! I just dont know what to say…the places that are chosen and the beauty of this balanced collections . … all i can do is hold my breath and watch in ahhh….thank you!!

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