Nearly 100 (if not more) heads ‘glued’ into the same mind-bending zero point = huge energy! at boulder creek festival 2015! :))

One of the “under the radar” skills that one develops with stone balance is an innate confidence and problem solving ability. No Bullshit. Today (24 May 2015): Case in Point . . .



****NOTE this issue has since been solved and rock balancing is ok to do in Boulder, CO, USA. Thanks Largely to this action! <3 ****

UPDATE: holy shit! maybe the support was more than i anticipated!! just got a call from the city attorney personally here in Boulder telling me that he has ordered the police to NOT cite rock balancing under the city codes i mentioned below!!!


THANK YOU everyone for the overwhelming support!!!! they must have gotten lots of calls!! haha :))


For the past 7 years i have been creating this art in and around Boulder, Colorado, USA. nearly every day! it has become a huge part and long standing positive aspect of the local spirit of Boulder. I’m not the first, and i definitely will not be the last.

TODAY, one police officer (and 2 subordinates) has (have) decided that balancing rocks in Boulder, Colorado is now illegal, obscurely referencing two city codes about “destruction of public property” in relation to rocks.

Boulder city codes: 5-4-8, and 5-4-2

any local lawyers out there who want to support this case, please feel free to contact me through private message to discuss in more detail.

so now the police have belligerently taken it upon themselves to write tickets and/or arrest ANYONE balancing rocks in Boulder, CO

. and specifically threatened to ticket me and/or arrest me if they catch me in the future.

this is where i would really like ALL of your support and better yet, ACTION!


the email for the city council is [email protected]

i encourage as many people as possible (especially locals) to contact the city council here in Boulder and voice your support for this long standing tradition in Boulder. it is something that an overwhelming portion of the community supports (including several police officers throughout past experience) (also, you should have seen the crowds today at the boulder creek festival, after I decided to stand up and keep going. People were absolutely in awe of what i was making) Countless people commented that it was the coolest thing they saw at the entire Boulder Creek Festival. Boulder Creek Events you KNOW what’s up!! also Elephant Journal! you know what’s up too!

i also call on the
City of Boulder Colorado Government to take immediate action to revise the aforementioned city codes and allow this massively positive activity and long standing past time to continue without risk of police action. if the codes are really to be enforced to their full wording, then technically NO ONE is legally allowed to touch the creek. which is absolutely ridiculous.

I will go as public as necessary to expose this newfound, police-fueled, shortcoming of the City of Boulder.

worst case scenario, i leave Boulder permanently.

thanks to all for such huge support!

****NOTE this issue has since been solved and rock balancing is ok to do in Boulder, CO, USA. Thanks Largely to this action! <3 ****

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  1. Seriously. No making people happy! No, no, no. (eyeroll). In this messed up world, you’d think they’d be thrilled that someone has found a harmless way to make people smile.

  2. What a sad attempt to get attention for such a stupid hobby. Nobody cares nor should they. Just trying to get some views on his youtube. Notice his latest video near a million and then go half way down and he barely gets a 1000. I don’t know why people believe these bullshit publicity stories.

  3. of course man.. I am not being sarcastic at all, but that may be just terrorism against nature, you should avoid totally making art with rocks, it definitely harms the environment, and perhaps this should be taken seriously to the United Nations for people shouldn´t touch any rock at all, anywhere in the planet, lol
    In another hand, I believe it is really cool art. :)

  4. Love your work Gravity! So happy your “balancing act” will be allowed to continue~ your work is so evocative of the balancing act that all humans must do to be here in this restrictive dimension and still act with harmony with all things. It is most unfortunate for the poor police in this country who study rules and codes and how to be a dick…god help them. It’s the training and the military mindset they have been brainwashed by….which is in high demand by a now embattled moneyed elite struggling with intense fear that the quickly awakening masses will soon put an end to their nonsense. We all have known “control freak” consciousness in one time or another in our evolution…but it’s time for it to go once and for all. :)

  5. Boulder tried to ticket me for using an improvised climbing rope husky leash for my dog saying it’s not an authorized leash for Boulder ! I won’t go to Boulder any more cause of the fascist system

  6. Cris ! Thanks for inviting me to like Mr GGs page, who lives about an hour from me here in Colorado, and who’s magnificent talent, skill, patience and page have taught and inspired so many, except me, until now!

    It took Cris, many states away, to point out someone who is right in my “own back yard”!
    Both of you guys ROCK! Pun intended!!

    John , you need to see and follow Michael’s page…

  7. Were I you, sir, I would get what the city DA said in writing and carry it around in a plastic bag or something. I’ve no idea if that will even matter, but better to be prepared.

    Don’t trust the police not to be dicks on power-trips. Count on it instead.

  8. Great skill, and great publicity! Sure you could travel the world doing workshops. And be paid like other rock stars! Hope you will come to Sydney Australia !

  9. There is no legal authority for public servents to issue you tickets or citations for such things. That being said…glad you got this resolved

  10. What! Is California you can get away with real crime and they do nothing. Jailed for doing art is nuts. You there take the guy who traspased on my dieing neighbors place to steal car parts, a mestameaner, nothing happened to him. California a great place to live if you want to protect your property. 8 months if your a child molester. Murder maybe a couple of years. The government says we have to let them in not . Where is the fair.
    Leave the artist alone.

  11. I always say things happen for a reason. Had the law not come into question and all the publicity you got from it, I would not have been able to enjoy your art with you. Your work is beautiful and inspiring. Thank you for sharing your art with us.

  12. My sister and I were in Boulder last year to visit our brother who lives at a assisted living facility in Boulder due to his crippling MS. We took him out in his wheelchair down to the river park and we were captivated by these balancing rocks! We still talk about how cool they are.

  13. Why aren’t the police out there arresting the real criminals…drug dealers, rapists, murderers…instead of worrying about stupid crap like this which is not even a real offense in my book….then they wonder why the public have ill feelings towards them…crock of bs!

  14. It is extremely sad that this post even exists. What is wrong with so-called authorities? Sure, you can exercise laws but wouldn’t it be more appropriate to focus on the ones that will protect us from real harm? So many other ways to make money folks.

  15. Glad to see sense prevailed, just this once. I doubt it was because of public support though–I think what we have here is a case of one inexperienced cop going off half-cocked, and cooler heads cutting him off at the knees. Hopefully he’ll learn with time.

  16. You know the cops only showed up because some prude called them. Probably whining that they couldn’t go across the bridge on their nature walk. There are these two wonderful words that people seem to have forgotten that usually remedies that situation. It’s called “Excuse me.” Just repeat it and you will be surprised how people will create a path to let you through…

  17. Thanks to those stupid police, one of my friends posted about the situation you were facing and now I have discovered your work and site. I’m glad the city attorney was so proactive. Please keep making your beautiful works; the world is a better, more thoughtful place because of them… even if, in Australia, I can only see them online, I like knowing they exist, fleetingly, somewhere.

  18. Former Boulder resident here that ran into you and your beautiful & inspiring pieces last summer. They really added magic to my visit and made my day that afternoon! So glad to hear it worked out okay, though confused & saddened to learn it happened at all (huh??) <3

  19. You stacked rocks and got in trouble..glad to see that things worked out in the end but in a country that calls its self ‘the land of the free’ this should never have happened

  20. my only concern would be peoples safety (including the artists) in creating balancing in swift moving waters… one slip, one current, one preventable accident…

  21. Ridiculous, honestly I know they’re probably a bit bored in Boulder, compared to where I now live in the Albany area of NY..but geez, this made the news all the way up here!! Keep on balancing…

  22. How dare you balance rocks in our presence! They should lock you up, now stop and go rob a liquor store or buy some crack or loot an innocent store owner. The very nerve of you……..

  23. This is incredibly stupid–Boulder has gone from a free-wheeling town to a yuppified city–I remember playing touch football on the mall Thanksgiving week of ’78 or ’79 after 3 feet of snow, then heading to Bunga’s cellar to warm up, Evan from Heaven, the magician and rope walker, the Zip Code guy; the place used to belong to the people–now everyone is running scared, afraid that someone might actually and creatively challenge their status. I see the pictures of the balanced rocks and cannot believe them–what a talent, what a steady hand. I just cannot say how unbelievably inane this is. Go Michael..

  24. I admire your skill but I do take issue with your “positive vibe”. The rocks that you and others pick up out of a stream bed are homes to many creatures that live on and under them. Your destroy their homes and open them to death by dessication or predation. That is not such a positive vibe for them.

  25. Glad they stopped messing with you.

    This city (Boulder) has MAJOR corruption issues. They have a “fighting words” ordinance, basically “If I feel threatened or offended” ordinance. You GO TO JAIL for it. Its absolutely ridiculous.

  26. Boulder is one of the strictest cities. Its almost a police state. It used to be a center of cultural revolution that defied the government. But now its just rich college kids with a strict city govt with a long list of rules and regulations

  27. DannyandLadonna Smith Nothing spoils getting back to nature like hiking in to a great are and seeing a bunch of stacked rocks, no matter how intricate. We knock them over and toss the rocks so the area can be “natural”. Leave nature the way you found it. Stack them if you want but knock them down when you leave.
    Like · Reply · 1 min

    1. Personally, I love seeing stacked rocks when I’m hiking/walking. It confirms that other humans were also there enjoying the magnificent beauty. And if you really want to leave nature as you found it, then don’t walk in nature. Your footprints are killing bugs and/or crushing plants. The leave it as you found it argument holds no water when you’re walking on a path made by man. How about, “Leave It Better Than You Found It” by removing trash, picking up after your dog or leaving rock stacks that others can enjoy, etc.?

    2. Traci Paxton Johnson ever wonder where all those rocks come from? They are pulled, in our area, from surrounding hillsides causing serious erosion and off trail damage. VERY bad for nature. Granted some people can really do amazing stacking which can be cool too see. BIG difference when it looks like a bus load of preschoolers dig up every rock in eyesight and stand them up like blocks. Trail were placed so people can get to places, people do not need to do more damage.

  28. Any thought given to the ecological impacts of your work? Dislodging stones can contribute to habitat loss for freshwater aquatic species that are often incredibly sensitive to environmental changes.

  29. I really wish you would stop stacking rocks. It disturbs the environment of the creek and is detrimental to the organisms that live there. I’ve personally seen creeks where so many rocks have been removed and stacked that the banks and creek bed are eroding. Signs do not deter people, so I think this should be a punishable offense. You are popular enough that people will listen if you tell them to stop.


    From :

    “The U.S. Supreme Court has held that the bed and banks under all rivers, lakes, and streams that are navigable, for title purposes, are owned by the states, held in trust for the public. Title in this context means ownership. This public-trust ownership extends up to the ordinary high water line, (or ordinary high water mark,) encompassing what is commonly referred to as the submerged and submersible land, as opposed to the upland. This type of navigability is called title navigability.”

    “The Supreme Court has held that navigable rivers, lakes, and streams have been public since ancient times in all civilized societies, and that in colonial America they were held for the public by the King of England. When the original thirteen states took sovereignty of their land from the British after the American Revolution, those states became owners of the land underlying navigable waters. States that subsequently entered the Union have the same ownership rights as the original thirteen states under the Equal Footing Doctrine, and became owners of the land underlying navigable waters as of the date of statehood.”

    “Through various court cases, federal courts have articulated the following test, which is known as the federal test of navigability for title purposes:

    The waterway must be capable of or susceptible to use as a highway for the transportation of people or goods
    The waterway must be usable for transportation conducted in customary modes of trade and travel on water
    Waters must be navigable in their natural and ordinary condition
    Navigability is determined as of the date of statehood

    The courts have determined that the use or potential for use by almost any type of watercraft is sufficient to determine this type of navigability. The use did not have to occur at the time of statehood; it is enough that it could have occurred (i.e., susceptibility.) Modern-day usefulness of a river that has not been artificially modified helps prove navigability for purposes of state title, as do historical uses that no longer exist, such as log drives.

    Note that this “federal test” is not found in any one Supreme Court document or other government publication; it is just the sum of the relevant passages and phrases in various court decisions. Congress has never passed legislation defining navigability for title purposes, so the court decisions are the applicable law on the subject.”

    “Federal courts have held that the state does not simply own the river and the riverside land, it holds it “in trust for the public.” These court decisions, taken together, are known as the Public Trust Doctrine. The state holds the resources in trust for the benefit of all the people. The general public has a right to fully enjoy these resources for a wide variety of public uses including navigation, recreation, and fisheries. The state cannot divest itself of these public-trust ownership.

    The state can sell or lease pieces of land along a river, such as for public or private docks, etc., but not the whole river. Such transactions must be beneficial for use of the waterway. They cannot interfere with public use of the overall waterway.”


  31. Sounds like the police in Boulder Colorado should be called the artist police..They should look into real jobs instead of harassing people who are doing nothing wrong,they should go to Iraq and fight isis

  32. Also, why is the Police Chief allowing his officers to spend their time with petty, ridiculous charges such as this. Perhaps he needs to have his resource-management skills examined.

  33. Some rock stacks are amazing. Others look like turds. Unfortunately there are lots and lots of turd makers and they often plague some of the most beautiful places with their terrible stacks.

  34. this kills me in our current society were bombarded with negitive words actions and images …. so why waste time trying to stop you do this I personally think its COOL ….. Rock on

  35. I think that your beautiful art, is astonishing and provokes a deep impact in conscience, shaking at the spectator and demanding himself if is dreaming or not. Surely, certain people don´t like to be awake of his dreamings, or nightmares; so that the reaction of police. In other way: you are making him to think and feel, and in certain kind of people to feel hurts.

  36. Am in shock that this happened. And if you read the comments you will see that it was actually at the request of the city attorney in the first place.

  37. Really? You forgot to mention that for the past 7 years you have told others they can’t stack there because it’s your “territory” I know. You did it to my son on numerous occasions. You act pretty self righteous when you have been running a business from public territory while telling others they can’t stack there as well. The law should be based around that issue.

  38. Gravity Glue – Wow, congrats on all the support!! I’m delighted that they’re going to leave you be to do your thing… which is quite amazing.

  39. You’re balancing sculptures are fantastic and so lighthearted! It beggars the imagination that the cops would want to put an end to your making something of beauty and whimsy.

  40. My boyfriend and I make cairns everywhere we go. We live in Carbondale, CO. This is just bullshit close minded idiots invoking their so-called power on us free thinkers. Peace to you Gravity Glue! Continue with your beautiful rock sculptures. They can’t follow you everywhere…

  41. You’re obviously talented, but incredibly selfish. Can every person go into the creek and do whatever he or she wishes with the rocks and creekbed and call it art? Is toppling your balanced rocks performance art? This is a public space to enjoy nature as it naturally occurs, not your art studio.

    1. There is a place for art in nature, it’s been around for thousands of years. Petroglyphs now have historical value and are protected. Rock balancing is not permanent like writing on walls or spraying graffiti.

      Every person doesn’t want to go into a creek and balance rocks. Just like everyone doesn’t want to be a musician or writer. Personally, I love walking in nature and see stacked rocks, it brings me peace knowing that others were there before me enjoying the magnificent beauty.

  42. YES! – ( now just imagine those letters are red and 20 feet high because Boulder almost commissioned a piece to place in the library for a LOT of money – free temporary art using found materials? Yeah, that’s probably illegal )

  43. Thank God!!! Very lovely. They need to chase litters bugs. To climb a mountain and see these here and there, is like ahhhh! “Another nature lover passed on by.” Your art is so appreciated. I once stopped to take a picture of a Bald Eagle on a rock. When I got close enough, I discovered the rock placement. It was exceptional. Lovingly/harmlessly beautifying with nature. ♡

  44. Hi Mr. Carr,

    That is great news. Thank you for the prompt response.

    It seems we agree on the inappropriate use of these ordinances to address this. Given we have (a wonderful) kayak Park and a dam to generate electric power, it is hard to fathom how artistically stacking rocks would have anywhere near the effect on the natural state of Boulder Creek.

    Again, thank you for the prompt response and your decision to forego pursuing charges.

    Best regards,
    Darren O’Connor


    Ms. O’Connor,

    Thank you for your email. This situation arose out of legitimate concerns regarding the effect rock stacking has on the natural state of Boulder Creek. An officer issued a warning having been informed by my office that it would be possible to prosecute under two sections of the Boulder Code. I have since had an opportunity to review those sections and decided that prosecution would not be possible. I have therefore asked the police not to cite anyone for stacking rocks and called the person in question and provided him with the same information. All of this occurred on May 26. The person’s Facebook page was updated later that day. Apparently, the Rooster did not verify its facts before printing the article attached.

    I hope that this addresses your concerns.

    Tom Carr

    Boulder City Attorney


    Hi Mr. Carr,

    That is great news. Thank you for the prompt response.

    It seems we agree on the inappropriate use of these ordinances to address this. Given we have (a wonderful) kayak Park and a dam to generate electric power, it is hard to fathom how artistically stacking rocks would have anywhere near the effect on the natural state of Boulder Creek.

    Again, thank you for the prompt response and your decision to forego pursuing charges.

    Best regards,
    Darren O’Connor

  45. This is great news!! It restores a bit of faith into our slumping humanity. I read the original post attached, and that was blatant abuse of power. The abusers did not factor in the power of positivity, social media, people coming together in numbers for a peaceful cause. Kudos from Alabama @gravity glue ^_^

    Leo’s, go so some cop work. Criminals are running rampant. I fully sorry law enforcement, but will not tolerate shoddy police work or downright AB– USE. /rant

  46. I am floored that the “police” would consider this a part of their job..your’e so bad balancing those rocks and creating amazing beautiful works of art…glad you fought the law and you won. :)

  47. This is another great example of how our once awesome town has been handed over. All these people moving to boulder for startups and google and fancy houses and businesses pushing out the culture and artists that made /make Boulder what it is. Omg this is so annoying that our town police would now try and stop art. Most of the artists already left because of the raise in cost and decline in consciousness. There is no justice in this world. Even a small win to keep rock art going is likely a temporary move backwards along the impending river of doom the once amazing place we had disappears to become another stripmall suburb or the empire of darkness.

  48. If the rocks fall then they fall back into the creek where they came from … so be it … congratulations! Boulder is my favorite town in Colorado – really miss it

  49. I saw them talking to you and you didn’t look happy. I’m so glad the issue was resolved and everybody can appreciate your work because it is beautiful!!! Now, go build a structure to be placed right in front of the police station ;-)

  50. well, the email that i got from the city attorney (Tom Carr) said that he’d looked at the city code and determined that prosecution would not be possible, so he asked the police not to cite anybody for stacking rocks…he also expressed concerns about the “effect rock stacking has on the natural state of Boulder Creek”…the way he phrased things, it wasn’t that he “will not” prosecute, it’s that he “can’t”…

  51. as this issue has been successful resolved perhaps its time to remove this post Michael? Gravity Glue Let’s not make balancing about ego or politics but let it remain something in and of itself.

  52. I missed your original post and only saw today’s; glad things are going in your favor. What you do is awe inspiring and I’m glad you’ll not be made to do it elsewhere.

  53. ************** UPDATE!!!! : just got a call personally from the city attorney and he has ordered the police to NOT cite rock balancing under the 2 city codes. he said he will not prosecute any such citations! **************

    1. Anna, thank you for doing that, despite the turnaround! <3 i'm still going to push for revision of these two codes with city council in such a way that protects the art of stone balance!

    2. This negative publicity will end up being some of the best publicity you will have so far. Keep your supporters in mind and keep your mind in balance.

    3. Certainly brought me here! Seen the pics posted here & there, loved the work but didn’t know who was behind it. Great work & good job of the supporters to put pressure on the system to not pursue such foolish policing.

    4. Why are you so hell-bent on protecting your right to stack rocks? With an artists brain, and heart, you might want to think more about protecting the habitats of creatures who need those rocks. You’re setting a BAD example for people who don’t know any better. Please, I implore you to watch this video, and reconsider your path in life. Thank you.

    5. Don’t get me wrong. Your work is amazing. I was so drawn in by your incredible talent. But then I saw this video of the salamanders of the Appalachian rivers, and started to wonder what other creatures’ habitats might be suffering in ways we can’t see. You’re a wonderfully talented artist, and I’m sure, I’m certain you can apply your talents in ways that don’t have a chance of causing harm to another’s habitat. If even there’s a slight chance, wouldn’t it better not to risk it?

    6. I like Beth’s Leave No Trace attitude. Some critters we can’t see and the earth is already beautiful as it is. Also, this is spreading like wildfire and people are trampling creeks’ stream banks and non-trails (bushwhacking) to do this. So much for beauty. 8 { We have the pictures now when is enough enough?

  54. Seriously! I am sorry this is happening to you and other rock balancers. I promise to do what I can from Stafford, New York. This is the most ridiculous law/code; I think the Boulder Police need to find folks who are commiting real crimes.

  55. if they tell you to drop the rock you better do it youll get tased,pepper sprayed and shot and how in the world is balancing rocks destroying them?i’ve had a theory about cops the majority were either kids who were bullied or kids who used to bully good luck to you sir ive seen a video of yours and i thought it was remarkable

  56. I just called the attorney’s office left a detailed message with my wishes and I make in the code and my name and information for them to contact me…as long as you’re not harming the ecology system in the water or anywhere you do the work there’s absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t be able to provide this beautiful art! :-) <3 green healing energy prayers love light and good vibes sent your way! :-)

  57. What a bunch of idiots! I happen to respect police too but sounds like you have a real Barney Pfife on your hands. I have followed you for years and love and support your creativity. I am 100% behind you!

  58. Michael, after you go to prison we’ll smuggle rocks to you baked in a cake.
    Come to Fort Collins — they don’t bother me for balancing here, yet.

  59. What has happened to Boulder? It used to be the place that supported artists. So appalling. How is you balancing rocks to create temporary art any different than all the street performers on the Pearl Street Mall?


  61. Supporting you!! And should Boulder be stupid enough to fail, Llano has no such ordinance. In fact, City just passed proclamation recognizing Llano as the site for the World Rock Stacking Championship! We’d welcome you!

  62. I admire your work and art, You are not “destroying public property”, you are beautifying it with your talent! I would suggest getting the paper and news channel to do your story to spread the awareness of this stupid law. Let the People who pay for our police get involved. Spread the word and don’t give up!

  63. If you do your art on your property or have the owner’s permission, the police can’t do anything. Let it be, so be it…wait and see how far they will go. You have many supporters here and Boulder will get the worse tourism publicity from Facebook,

  64. So….like a sit in – rally all your supporters to go sit in the creek and balance rocks HOWEVER – get ONE politician on board – a local Congressman/Senator/Council member…get the Mayor!!! Good luck and, God Bless you. Your work is inspiring, and if we can ever help you in your travels contact us in Nashville TN! Carole B Starr As BS MBA Health & Happiness Fitness Coach and Author

  65. Just to clarify, kids can throw rocks and skip rocks but not stack rocks? These rocks fall away and become part of the scenery again so what’s the problem? You’re not doing it to the point of damming the river. It’s crazy to me. Seems like there’s bigger stuff for law enforcement and city government to deal with. Shared.

  66. My daughter is a student at CU and was recently involved in a car accident (not her fault). I was shocked at how badly the police treated her considering she was the injured victim. I see Boulder through different eyes, even more so after hearing about this injustice towards you.

  67. Yet another message from France: Destruction? How is your work in any way “destructive”? It’s a beautiful enhancement of the natural surroundings in it’s purest form!!! Good luck!!

  68. Michael, I appreciate your art form & try my hand at it with my grandkids. My feeble efforts efforts were appreciated by many passers-by too. My eldest four children , now in forties, are adventure water sport enthusiasts and experts. Last Christmas we discussed your work. My eldest , a professor of outdoor education , brought up leave no trace principles & ecological impact of moving river rocks. These two points are valid. Some folks do not want to to see evidence of human life in nature. ( Your artistic expression gets an exemption from me ). I researched ecological impacts & indeed natural trout streams depend on hatches of aquatic cycle insects as natural food source. These adhere to rocks
    Also a rare giant ( foot long ) salamander, the Hellbender , lives in the southeast U.S.. Disturbing stream beds , affects their food & hiding places. Just posting this as information , no judgement. I’ll keep my rock play to shore of streams & lakes.. , always if daughter around .lol.
    Posting this so we can be aware of another POV. In an urban setting I think the impact is negligible. No need for law enforcement. Don’t tase me !

  69. I truly have never heard anything so ridiculous in my entire life. I’m a lawyer, not in Colorado unfortunately, but I can’t imagine any judge finding in favor of curtailing your completely green, artistic stonescapes. That is not the kind of activity those ordinances were intended to prevent.

    1. I would think that there are many more issues for them to actively pursue based on what I’ve experienced on my visits. I hope everyone phones the Boulder attorney’s office, and these officers receive some training in community relations. It seems they failed that course!

  70. I’d be honored to pick up the tab to pay your fine for your first ticket, and I’d be willing to bet there are more people who would also step up while this most foul and heinous fuckery is addressed.
    Screw them.
    Rocks on rocks.
    Carry on, friend.

  71. That is completely ridiculous. You won’t have to leave Boulder. Anywhere else you go, there will be oversensitive people trying to enforce outdated and pointless laws, the positive, rational people will win in a case like this and get city code 5-4-8 and 5-4-2 to be properly interpreted, not twisted to fit some agenda that doesn’t even make sense. I can’t see a backwards view of the law like this lasting or being enforced.

    Come on Boulder lawyers, help a balancer out.

  72. That sounds so absurd. Generally you work with quite small stones so it’s simply ridiculous. Strong water current moves pebbles like that around… Hopefully the officials come back to their senses. Best of luck. And greetings from Finland.

  73. If I knew how I would send positive earth vibe thingies from the UK. You are followed on social media by people all over the world and this is the impression they get of Colorado and the USA.

  74. Our tax dollars at work . Hey how’s that Jon Bennet Ramsey murder case going ? You know the one where the Boulder cops trashed the crime scene so bad that they will probably never get truth ?

  75. This has got to be the dumbest thing I have ever read. You are not throwing rocks at anyone, you are not taking the rocks out of the streams, so why do they care that you are balancing them?!?!? I have done the same thing (not as well mind you) all over the Appalachian trail in the northeast and they too say to not leave them balanced. I say keep on keeping on! I love you art. With any luck they will see how absurd this effort to write tickets is.

  76. We saw you at the creek fest this weekend and have seen LOTS of things you’ve created by just stumbling upon them
    Always a beautiful surprise❤️
    I’m sorry this is happening to you we support you 100%

  77. If you live somewhere called Boulder, how can you not do stuff with rocks? Seriously, your work is beautiful and amazing and they are just…. wrong.

  78. Things like this make me sick. They should be putting a statue of you in that town instead of telling you to stop creating free and inspirational art on a daily basis. Strangely, I think this will be a positive thing when the smoke clears as even more people will be made aware of the awesomeness that you bring to the world.

  79. Merci à toi pour l equilibre de la vie que tu nous offres. Merci a toi pour faire vibrer la beauté éphémère… de l impermance.. namaste

  80. We saw you at the creek when they approached you, this is way too sad to think they don’t have better things to do! Keep fighting on, for art’s sake!

  81. I was once arrested for building a snowman in Boulder and making a sand castle at the Boulder reservoir. Come on, Boulder is better than this! Where was there any actual destruction?

  82. Wow, unbelievable. Stones & rocks have always called man to create with them ! Good luck, I hope someone comes forward to help you with the legal stuff.

  83. I just called the attorney’s office and left a message explaining how many thousands of people are continuously inspired by this art form not only in Boulder but across the entire planet! We cannot stand for this nonsense. This makes me want to go out balancing in the creek right now. I would gladly be arrested for “balancing rocks” HA! what a joke!!

    1. ************** UPDATE!!!! : just got a call personally from the city attorney and he has ordered the police to NOT cite rock balancing under the 2 city codes. he said he will not prosecute any such citations! **************

    2. This is why the cops are concerned. If any of your “art” harms someone by falling over, then who is liable? It better not be the city. Therefore, you are the responsible party. Hope you don’t get sued. Just be responsible with how and where you create your art, please.

  84. That’s like telling children it’s illegal to build a sand castle on the beaches because it’s destruction of property…. These “laws” or “ordinances” are ridiculous. There’s always those people who seek to destroy something positive just because they can’t seem to open up to it so they make it there mission to take it away. Don’t ever let people like this discourage your work! You are a positive influence on your community and I love seeing your posts and new creations on fb, Keep it up!

  85. It’s called “rock stacking”.. Indian tradition.. John does it.. Are these people just weak?.. Too much time on their hands?.. Morons?

  86. This is BY FAR!! the most ridiculous thing I’ve EVER heard of. With all the lawful ways to harm the environment out there being overlooked, they pick on you FOR STACKING ROCKS?? SERIOUSLY?

  87. It sucks to have something you enjoy taken away from you by governmental intervention. Boulder is all about taking away freedoms. They took away my second amendment right and I hope you can stop them from stripping you of your right to balance rocks.

  88. Strange things happen when you put the uniform assholes.
    even the janitor’s uniform allows power management to be an asshole!
    And if the wife does not have sex with him for so long …
    the janitor is angry and tries to force codes and numbers …
    the problem is only one: do not have sex!

  89. don’t leave. can you post a name of the city attorney and a address to send a letter. sorry this happening. everyone loves your work. even if they don’t understand it they still love it. so don’t stop.

  90. love your work. i have enjoyed the creek my whole life. then one day i crossed the creek and rounded a corner and there they were. pure beauty. magical rocks. placement. balance. meditation. love.

  91. fascinating….clicked on like for officers photo, not allowed, tried to share photo….not allowed. that is utterly absurd for anyone to site such a ridiculous “excuse” for law…..shame on them!!

    1. Because our connection to nature and our deep understanding of our interconnectedness is the only thing that’s going to save the planet and destroy systems that don’t work for the people. Those directly benefiting financially from people NOT understanding this, know it, and are taking desperate measures as more and more people wake up. Simply by breathing and being aware of your consciousness, you are taking action against these forces and theyre resorting to a little tantrum about it.

    2. They in fact DO NOT have bigger issues they *care* about. Look at their ordinances. “Fighting words” is UNBELIEVEABLE. They care about the image of their foofy Neo-Liberal (I’m a leftist myself so dont mistake this as some partisan attack) haven for the rich than ANYTHING.

    1. Wow, I didn’t know about you or your work before, so maybe it was worth the annoying dispute with the police. Now, millions more people will know about you and your beautiful art. It is truly inspiring!

  92. I wonder if that policeman is that active fighting crime as he is fighting art. I hope you get a lawyer able to take your case and then Boulder will continue enjoying your work!!!

    1. Please don’t stop! I’m sure there are some intelligent people in Boulder – maybe the major – who will stop that soon! Greetings from Germany to you and the policemen – btw I’m working at the ministry for education and culture… So sad that many people can’t “see” art.

    2. You can move here to Bullhead-City Arizona, or Laughlin, where I’ve personally seen miles of rock stacking. Not in the Colorado River(per say) but in the surronding area’s!!

    1. I totally love what you do but what if everyone does it ? What then? Sad that we are going to have to balance rocks on our on property only. Now that balancing rocks has become more main stream the law is going to get involved. Soon some child will get injured by falling rocks and the lawyers will do what they do.

    2. One mans art is another mans meddling. I like nature untouched and without reminders of man. There is already enough human footprints on this planet. Sometimes it’s nice to just get away.

    3. Alex Bred If you’re walking/hiking on a trail, there are already human footprints. How do you think the trail got there in the first place? I stop to appreciate the art of nature and man-made art in nature. It all has it’s place.

  93. tell us bro, how do you know which stone you picked? or does it manner which stone you stacked as long as you know the point of gravity of each stone? and how didi you get the inspiration of each models you built?

  94. Amazingly beautiful. I can not even get close to making them balance yet but I’ve started to just stack ones that are in the landscaping of a local hospital (I spend a lot of time waiting for the transportation to pick me up) and I love it, it’s help calm me even just touching and building with little round ones!

  95. Being one that loves to decorate myself in costumes and jewelry, and an earth sign to boot, allow me speak for the earth for a second to give thanks for the way you dress her up. :)

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