Gravity Glue | Diary of a Rockbalancer (2021)

Diary of a Rock Balancer ::

Gravity Glue 2021 Short Film

I’m happy to present the newest (10th) edition to my annual short film series, featuring a compilation of my video work throughout 2021.

After somewhat abandoning my 2020 edition, this one has special significance in terms re-establishing the flow of my video work.

Additionally, This Edition is the first one i shot and edited in full 4k resolution. So in that sense it’s the most intimate high resolution look at my work ever seen in the public space. I spent significantly more time documenting as much detail as i could throughout the lifetime of each creation, given the circumstances of time and space. most of this film was produced in and around Boulder Creek in Boulder, Colorado, but also features a couple scenes from my summer visit to California.  I decided to include more of my own voice speaking a bit about the nature of my work, as well as various bird song and footage i recorded around the creek. A particularly favorite observation was the tracking of a robin’s nest from a young age, through to the fledging moment of leaving the nest. But of all the bird activity i had the privilege to witness, the local ducks seem to appear most often throughout my work, often allowing me to get quite close with the camera.

This edition also includes some footage from the memorial installation i created in response to the King Soopers mass shooting tragedy that happened in March 2021 in Boulder. And perhaps my favorite installation is the one at the end with all the ice formations, as that had the most significance and synchronicity for me, marking the passing of my Dad last year.

As for the Music, I chose soundscapes that i felt complimented the footage best, but also that were relatively compatible to be mixed together as needed. Thus, the final two tracks, I mixed in and out of eachother to create a more dynamic flow of mood before also blending them simultaneously to build toward the ice sculpture near the end. These are all tracks and artists i’ve loved for a long time, and i’m quite happy with how they all came together in a unified way.


** Rock selection, design, balancing, cinematography, editing, sampling, mixing by Michael Grab


BIG Screen (4k resolution)

BIG Sound

BIG Heart



All music and spoken word is under copyright and ownership of its respective artist. The intent of these short films is not for profit, but simply to encourage a deeper curiosity for the broader system of Nature and our connection within.

More music by these artists can be found and purchased in the following links. . .

====== MUSIC ======

Djrum – Creature pt1

DJ Krush – Law of Harmony

ASC & Inhmost – Obscured Form

:Papercutz – Where Beasts Die (Kiyoko Remix)

Kimyan Law – Chai

====== Spoken Word ======

Michael Grab

Ram Dass:

The Possibility of Unconditional Love – Ram Dass Here and Now Ep. 192





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  1. Fascinating explanation of the how and why of it…
    A mystic celebration of permanence and transience all at the same moment.

    But I also felt the film was at its best when not being narrated.
    Let the shapes speak for themselves, convey their own message – they are more than adequate to the task.
    Perhaps just simple keyword titles, fading in and out at the perimeter – as you do in the introductions – would be less intrusive.
    But then again, you are the artist…and, more than anything else, thank you.

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